Sonic Forces MOD APK v4.26.0 (All Characters Unlocked)

Sonic the Hedgehog is back and running in this fast and cool casual multiplayer racing & battle game from SEGA!
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Sonic Forces – Running Battle are high-speed racing games in which players compete to get a competitive environment. Moreover, the game has unique characters with great Forces and powers to enlighten the game stream. However, the game has seven precious characters: a wolf, rabbit, cat, dog, bear and bird. In addition, Sonic Forces Mod Apk All Characters Unlocked, like Sonic, tails and adventures knuckles and you can also build your characters.

sonic forces mod apk
Sonic Forces MOD APK

Furthermore, the graphics, theme, storyline, color scheme, costumes and powers brought great importance to the game. Moreover, the game provides 3D-style action play and many animations. The sound and visualization of the game are awesome and epic. You should play the game t once for the excitement and fun.

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What Is Sonic Forces Speed Battle

Sonic Forces are distinctive features speed battle game. The main thing is the speed of the characters, which is faster than any other racing game. Moreover, the game has different levels and modes; you can create your characters with their strengths and powers. You can complete the different characters in Sonic Forces’ speed run track and get an effective victory.

SEGA, a well-known publisher, publishes the adventure genre racing game. Moreover, the game is a combination of thrill, fun and excitement. So, hundreds of users are already loving the game and get excited while playing. The capacity of the game is award-winning.


Sonic Forces speed battle hack has impressive and mind-blowing gameplay that attracts users. The game starts with racing with your opponent’s players. Moreover, speed, obstacles, moves, impressions, powers and skills are the most important and focusing things in the game. Besides, you can also use the support items and powers like costumes, energy boosters, squads and jumping shoes.

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In addition, the game has different environments and tracks like hills, mountains, seas, plans and roads. However, you can upgrade the Sonic runners’ supersonic characters and game modules.

Tips And Tricks

Some tips and tricks are very important for good playing and understanding of the game. So here are some tips and tricks that are listed below.

  • Always stay focused and keep your eye on the front. Moreover, determine every obstacle and hurdle very carefully.
  • Collect the gold and reward as much as you can. It improves your points in the game. Moreover, use the gold rings to hit the opponents as bait.
  • The game has many characters with unique skills, so always choose the right and powerful character for running.

Top Features

The game has great, unique and adverse speedy features. Moreover, Sonic Forces infinite characters make the latest features with their skills and creativity. So here are some features of the air speedy game.

top eight features of sonic forces

Sonic Runners Characters

The game is recognized for its unlimited characters Forces. Moreover, every character has different classes like rare, super and special. Each character has strong strength and powers inside them. However, a creature of characters also varies in a while. Moreover, the characters have infinite Sonic Forces and effective and mind-blowing abilities.

Graphic Design

The game has vivid 3d graphics and a very well arranges design. Moreover, also, loud sounds and appreciative voices keep the game level. Moreover, the game’s storyline is worthwhile due to its theme and background. The gold, speeding, firing, Amy, tails and knuckles give an impressive look to the game.

Sonic Adventure Multiplayer Mod

The multiplayer battle depends upon the fastest in-game. Moreover, the multiplayer can take part in the game and can win the title of the game. In addition, the spin, jump, and slide give the bonus point to the game. However, the multimode Sonic Forces avatar entitles those with great powers and skills. Consequently, victory in player races gives trophies and rewards.

Sonic Forces Unlock All Clothes

The mod version of the game unlocks all the characters with their costumes, clothes and shoes. Moreover, premium and fancy clothes are expensive and need diamonds to unlock them. But you can directly unlock them in the mod version. Besides, costumes also have powers inside them.

sonic forces unlock all clothes

Sonic Forces Supersonic Unlock Items

Sonic Forces cracked apk unlocks the many necessary items, themes, modes and characters. Moreover, the game has great fluency speed, and many factors help to modify them. However, different tracks and places are unlocked, and you can roam everywhere. Furthermore, you can also upgrade the Sonic Forces wallpaper and enhance its beautification in the game and can add animations.

Upgrading And Earn Money

The game has the latest upgrades and updates regarding features. However, you can participate in daily challenges and earn extra money. In addition, Sonic Forces unlimited red rings have a powerful worth and can purchase the many upgrading systems and refill characters’ powers.

Adventures And Missions

Sonic Forces has unlimited missions which give you extra rewards and rank your profile in-game. Moreover, the vantage points are spread on the track, and you can collect them while in the adventures phase. However, Sonic Forces unlimited money unlocks the high-level and globally tour adventures and competitions; you can freely participate in them and earn the trophy.

Sonic Forces Mod Menu

Sonic Forces cheats have the latest and modified mod menu with great features. Furthermore, the game has different modes of diverse tracks in different conditions. The character collections and their powers matter the most in-game. Moreover, you can unlock many items and levels in the game. In addition, you can also tack part in competitions and can enjoy yourself.

How To Download and Install

The download procedure for the game is very easy and reliable. The user interface and track of download is awesome and has great worth. First, download the game application from the link and wait a while for further process. Afterwards, you must allow unknown resources to permit a third party. In last, install the game application in your system and enjoy it.

sonic forces apk download


The game mechanics are created concerning other racing games. But the game has the latest and pure original graphics, and the physics of forming is unique and diverse. In the game, you must experience yourself and speed up the level. Moreover, you have to compete with other players to win the reward. Furthermore, the game has cool 3D graphics and master-mind visualization. So download the Sonic and sega all stars racing cheats and play and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sonic Forces 2 Players?
The game is based on single-player only. However, the multiplayer mode is for other AI-generated players. The game has many runners, but you can only lead a single player.

Is Sonic Forces Good Game?
Yes, Sonic Forces are very good and awesome game due to its latest features. Moreover, the storyline and gameplay have great worth in-game. In addition, the game has pure fun and excitement.

How Can I Unlock All Characters In Sonic Forces?
You can unlock all the characters in Sonic Forces. In the original version, you must purchase them with money and red rings. But, in the original version, you will get all the characters unlocked.


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