Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK v7.2.1.5254 (Unlimited Money)

Somebody stop Roy Rakoon! Now players must help Talking Tom speed, slide and dodge through wild worlds to snatch the treasure and catch up to Roy.
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The Internet has many games you can play to spend your time positively and enjoyably. Some games feature old-school characters, allowing you to recall your childhood memories. Talking Tom Gold Run is a popular childhood game that features Talking Tom characters. It features top-notch graphics, characters, tracks, unique customization, and a realistic experience. So, for a truly immersive experience, you should download Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk Latest Version, which has unlimited money, gold, coins, gems, and bombs.

talking tom gold run mod apk
Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK

As a result, you will enjoy full access to all the premium features and the game’s full potential. The game is also streamlined and without advertisements.

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What Is Talking Tom Gold Run?

Talking Tom: Gold Run is a game of endless running in the style of Subway Surfers. The game is developed by Outfit7 Limited and is available for Android and iOS devices. It is an endless runner game in which players control a character named Talking Tom, who must run and collect gold bars while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The game features various levels, challenges, and power-ups to unlock as players progress.

Furthermore, it is available in both a free version and a paid version. The free version of Tom Gold Run includes ads and may have in-app purchases for additional content. Additionally, paid versions may not include ads or in-app purchases and may require a one-time fee. Millions of players have downloaded it, and it has mostly received positive reviews. So, download it now.

Gameplay Guide

Talking Tom Gold Run is a mobile game in which you play as Talking Tom, the animated cat character, and run through various levels collecting gold coins and avoiding obstacles. Here’s how to play:

  1. Download the game and install it.
  2. Upon launching the game, you’ll see the main menu.
  3. From the main menu, you can select “Play” to start a new game or choose other options such as “Shop” or “Upgrades” to customize your character or purchase power-ups.
  4. Choose a level from the map and select “Play” to begin a new game.
  5. As you run through the levels, you collect gold coins.
  6. Swipe left or right to change lanes. To jump over obstacles, swipe up. Likewise, sliding down beneath obstacles will collect coins for you.
  7. As you progress through the level, you’ll encounter various obstacles, such as cars, trucks, and construction barriers, that you’ll need to avoid. If you collide with an obstacle, you’ll lose a life. You start with three lives, and if you run out of lives.
  8. Collecting enough coins can unlock new levels and power-ups to help you progress through the game.
  9. You can also compete with your friends on the leaderboard to see who can collect the most coins and progress the farthest through the game.

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Top Features

The game is designed to be played indefinitely, with players attempting to beat their high scores or compete against other players on the leaderboards. Some features of the game include:

top eight features of talking tom gold run

All Characters Unlocked

In this game, there are several charming characters. It is also beautifully designed and adds even more enjoyment to the game. In this game, you can unlock various characters, including Ben, Talking Angela, Hank, and Ginger, with real money in the game’s official version.

There are unique abilities for each character. On the other hand, in the Talking Tom Gold Run, all Characters Unlocked. So, there is no need to pay to unlock all characters.

Highly Diverse Running Tracks

An amazing feature of this game is the availability of various running tracks. Every track has a unique theme and environment. For example, there are some tracks in cities and others in deserts.

Unlimited Bombs

In Talking Tom Gold Run, bombs are objects that can destroy obstacles and enemies in the game. Bombs are useful for clearing paths and collecting gold. Further, several power-ups are available to the player, including shoes, magnets, and hats.
You may collect or purchase them during a run with in-game currency. In contrast, in the Talking Tom Gold Run Unlimited Coins and Bombs are available to use free of charge without any effort.

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Menu

The Talking Tom Gold Run Cheats version gives its players mod menu features. The mod menu includes unlimited money, gems, diamonds, bombs, dynamite, and everything unlocked. Therefore, you can use any game items from the game store free of cost. All the game’s characters and resources are also unlocked in the mod version, so download Talking Tom Gold Run in modified form.

Unlimited Money & Gems

Throughout the game, you can earn money and coins as rewards. You can collect money and gems to buy new items along with tracks and missions. These include new outfits, power-ups, and homes for Tom. Moreover, the player can upgrade existing items with the help of this money and gems.

So, download Talking Tom Gold Run Unlimited money and gems version to customize your character. It is also possible for you to build a home for Tom with the Talking Tom Gold Run Unlimited Money and Diamonds.

talking tom gold run nlimited money and gems

Unlimited Gold & Diamonds

As you travel along your path, you will find numerous gold bars and diamonds. It is not always easy, as obstacles often impede the path. Therefore, you will require significant gold and diamonds to run. However, the Talking Tom Gold Run Unlimited Gold and Diamonds allows you to collect it to help you progress. Unlocking new tracks and items is also possible with gold.

Unlimited Dianamate & Everything

The Talking Tom Gold Run has Dianamate, which allows players to purchase items and power-ups with diamonds. The Talking Tom Gold Run Unlimited Dianamate and Everything version offers an engaging experience. Using this version, you will have access to every item for an unlimited period.


The official version of the Talking Tom Gold Run game contains advertisements. Players may disable ads with an ad blocker or an ad-free game version. However, not all players can afford to purchase ads-free versions; therefore, download Talking Tom Gold Run Hack Apk. The crack version gives you an ads-free interface and does not demand any money.

Download and Install

The Talking Tom Gold Run version will not disappoint anyone who enjoys the beautiful pussycat. The graphics in the game are colorful and cartoon-like, with characters and environments designed in a cute and playful style. Further, it is appropriate for all ages to be ready to entertain anytime, anywhere. Hence, download this game today to embark on a journey with Tom and his cute friends!

talking tom gold run apk download

Talking Tom Gold Run Review

Talking Tom Gold Run is a fun and entertaining endless runner game suitable for players of all ages. Its colorful graphics and simple controls make it easy to pick up and play, and the variety of customization options adds an extra layer of replay value. It is so addicting, and I can’t stop playing it.

The controls are smooth, and the challenges are really fun. I also love the characters and the story. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves endless runners.


Talking Tom Gold Run is a fun and engaging game with well-designed tracks, adorable characters, and upgrades. It’s your job to help Talking Tom collect gold on each track. The thrill of playing Talking Tom Gold Run Crack Apk will give you a remarkable experience. Hence, download and enjoy the game with unlocked characters, currencies, and talking tom gold run unlimited coins and bombs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Talking Tom Gold Run safe and free?
Yes, the Talking Tom Gold Run game is free and safe. The content is suitable for all ages. Like every mobile game, it also offers in-app purchases for real money to buy virtual items or currency.

How to get free diamonds in Talking Tom Gold Run?
Play Talking Tom Gold Run regularly and complete missions and achievements to earn diamonds in the game. With real money, you can also buy diamonds in-game.

How to unlock all characters in Talking Tom Gold Run?
The game requires you to complete levels and missions to unlock new characters. Furthermore, participating in special events is a great way to unlock new characters. So, keep an eye out for these events to the talking tom gold run, all characters unlocked.


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