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When we are young Pokemon movie was very famous and every kid liking it from heart. Now another game is outstanding things his previous brother that is EvoCreo MOD APK. This game is produced by a known creator called infinity. They are not famous very much but created a very engaging and great game. Playing the game you will experience the battles between different ceros just for the sake of who is the winner. You will refresh your childhood memories that were forgotten.

evocreo mod apk

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Playing this game takes you on a fascinating, adventurous adventure as you train your evoker so they can succeed in combat and become a master evoker. Play face-to-face against your friend. You can also play cross-platform multiplayer and peer-to-peer games. A great feature of this game is the ability to play it offline.

Story Of EvoCreo

The world was formed very earlier and at the start, some monsters are living there called Creo. As humans appeared we knew the existence of creos that helped in human life. They were with the human with a history of development.

The person who trains and facilitates the creo is called an evoker, he can engage creo to retain them. War is a common thing in any civilization. And in this world wars also will happen and take many lives of people.

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Not only simple wars but organized tournaments between international evokers to decide the winners. Our main character in the game is a boy, living in a peaceful and very beautiful village. His father was also a powerful Evoker but the Shadow Hive organization captured him.

He has to follow his father and want to become a powerful Evoked like his father as he will be able to save his father. His life has changed completely now the only goal of him is to become the worlds leading Evoker and rescue his father. You will be his companion and help him to become the top Evoker and save his father.

The gameplay of RPG Like Game

The Gameplay of EvoCreo is somewhat complicated but the players can understand the gameplay very quickly. Players will be able to recruit wild creos that will fight under their direction. Players need to take patience as the higher creo level is harder to recruit. A simple fighting mechanism of the game. The creos are taking turns to attack each other and you have to choose one of the skills to perform.

The will be a bar on the left of the game screen that indicates the creo HP. The two sides will take turns while attacking until one of them ran out first and then another side will win. There is a special mechanism in the game that counteracts other attributes. For example ice, fire, and metal attributes, etc. The players must have to choose a creo and find how to counter opponents’ attributes easily and finally victory.

Top Features

Get ready to Explore the Mind blowing features of EvoCreo.

top three features of evocreo


There are more than 130 different Creos that include the evolution for players and use them in the battle. At the start, Creos have a low level of fighting, You have to take the upgrade and evolve into stronger activities so they can win.

There is not any pre-programmed situation, but players can choose the evolution of Cero, I really Liked it. Make your champion squad from the strongest ceros you choose.

Online Multiplayers

Players can fight battles between others playing online. There is a Rank Battle Category in the game, that indicates the rank of players and strongest player at the top.

Of Course, you also can become one of those players. Collect the strongest Ceros for yourself, make the strongest squad, and bring yourself to the top.

Graphics and Sound Effects

As We have the 2D Format graphics with 8 bits over the last decade. I am thankful for the graphic style that people can feel their memories. Graphics are bight and special than before.

evocreo graphics and sound effects

Effects of the game are also very bright and designed in a very light 8-bit style due to which there will be no delays in the game.

Audio sound is carefully integrated that suits every action of the game. The background music is also extremely lively for players to listen to on this adventurous journey. Download EvoCreo to become a powerful Evoker and get a strong Creo collection to become an Evoking Master.

Download and Install

The first one is:
Download EvoCreo – Pocket Monster Game mod.

  • You need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • You can download EvoCreo – Pocket Monster Game by clicking the link above.
  • Save the file in the Downloads folder on your device.
  • Once the installation has finished, tap on Install.
  • You can now start playing the game right away after it has been completed.

The second one is:
Follow these steps to download for Android:

  • Download the file from the only official website.
  • Go to Android Settings, Privacy, and Security.
  • Enable Allow Unknown Sources by tapping the option.
  • The file can be found in your Android downloads folder.
  • To install it, follow the screen instructions.
evocreo latest version free download

Frequently Asked Questions

Is evocreo good?
Yes, it is an exceptionally good game with splendid animations. There is more detail and balance in EvoCreo.

How to get unlimited prime gemma in evocreo?
You can get prime Gemma with in-app purchases, daily login bonuses, completing quests, evolving and capturing creatures, etc. However, if you want unlimited prime Gemma, download the Evocreo Modified version.

How to get gems in evocreo?
You can get gems as a reward when you participate and win thrilling adventures, quests, and events. In contrast, the Evocreo version gives you unlimited gems without fulfilling any requirements.


Evocreo is a perfect combination of RPG, strategy, and card games. The game has excellent graphics, an interesting storyline, and battles with a wide variety of Creo. Evocreo (mod, much money) offers a long story campaign, so it won’t let you get bored.


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