Punch Hero MOD APK v1.4.9 (Unlimited Money and Stars)

Punch Hero MOD APK is currently available on both IOS and Android platforms. It will give you hours of endless boing action that makes you a perfect boxer and you can win against your rivals easily.
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One of the more interesting and engaging games on Facebook involves a boxing game Punch Hero MOD APK. Punch Hero MOD APK is a modified version of the official Punch Hero game. From this, you can enjoy all the premium features like unlimited money, unlimited gold, and many other things for free. This game is very easy to play for anybody, even a new player can play easily. The training area allows players to practice strength, hooks, and grippers, while the skill shop allows them to acquire special skills and power moves. Punch Hero Cheat APK is highly addictive due to the 3D graphics. The game may be challenging for those who unintentionally touch it. Similar to Punch-Out, Punch Hero does not require a narrative.

punch hero mod apk

Select a character, then switch to arcade mode. After defeating each enemy, the player faces a new challenge. Although they do not always think clearly, at least you won’t be let down by them. In the arcade mode, you’ll battle ghosts of samurai, pirates, and deceased soccer players. To counter each opponent’s unique playing style, players must exploit their weaknesses.

About Punch Hero MOD APK Game

There are training areas for muscles, hooks, and grippers, as well as skill shops for acquiring special skills and power moves. Punch Hero Cheat APK is highly addictive because of its captivating 3D graphics.

People may find this game difficult if they unintentionally touch it. There is no narrative to Punch Hero, similar to Punch-Out. You choose a character, then switch to arcade mode to play. Each time an enemy is defeated, the player faces a new task, making a total of 18 enemies.

Punch Hero is of two modes

  • Single player
  • Two player

In single-player you can play offline you don’t need any Wi-Fi or internet connection. You can play it offline and the system will count the result. And in single-player mode, you have to fight against a different fighter to win the highest rank.

And in two-player mode, you have to play online with your partner. With this mode, you can chat with your partner. But we don’t think this feature is so helpful because while playing it may disturb you.

From Punch Hero

In Punch Hero, the player must beat 22 fighters. Every fighter has some weak points and some strong points. You have to find their weak points and then attack so that you can win against your rival.

  • Get unlimited money
  • Unlock all characters
  • Get professional equipment’s
  • Unlock powerful gloves
  • Buy in-game items
  • Free to download
  • Ad-free gaming experience

The result of the match depends upon your defensive and offensive skills. If you win, you can get gold as a reward and you can use that gold in other matches.

Features Of Punch Hero (MOD + APK)

The following are the features of Punch Hero MOD APK:

Concentrate On Your Studies.

Because most boxers are faster than you are, even if you both start an uppercut at the same time, your opponent will hit first, so a solid strategy is to wait out the entire match without ever striking. You need to pay attention to what your opponent is doing and craft a response; you’ll land much more important blows this way, and even a minor jab can prove deadly. Learn how to place correctly and avoid being hit.

Take Part In An Amateur Battle

Getting more gold or experience points requires playing amateur combat even if you have the barest amount of health. Due to how quickly matches progress when you start them with virtually nothing, the amateur circuit pays out slightly more for losing than arcade mode does for winning, and because of these factors,

Several Attacks

As a way of protecting yourself during a fight, you should dodge to the right if you’re punching and dodging at random. The enemy only occasionally punches with their left hand (your right, their left). By learning to dodge effectively in both directions and make effective sidesteps, you will be able to set up powerful attack sequences.

Friendly To User Development

There is a user-friendly design in Punch Hero, which is one of our favourite features. It is easy to see whether even kids can play without any problems. Due to its crude content, young children should avoid this game. Use a swipe to the left to perform the shank, a tap to perform the stitch, and a move up to perform the up gesture in Punch Hero MOD APK.

Unlimited Gold

The premium currency in-game is gold, which can be used to buy outfits and accessories for characters. To obtain gold, you need to pass a number of challenging stages that take a long time and effort. I’ve modified Punch Hero so that you can use as much gold as you like without being restricted.

General Features Of Punch Hero

General Features Of Punch Hero are following:

  • Punch MOD APK is quite easy to play even kids can play with no difficulty. But we are not going to recommend it for kids it may be a bit violent.
  • Money is the essential part of this game, with the help of this we can buy necessary items, boxing equipment, and unlimited gold. You can use that gold in upcoming games. To earn gold, you have to complete any challenging levels.
  • Unlimited health is one of the most helpful features of Punch MOD APK. From this feature, you can never run out of your health, which helps you to win in every game.
  • A boxer can perform many actions likable jump, slamming to their opponents, execute powerful uppercuts on their opponents. Several moves can be executed during the game.
  • Lastly, it is quite easy to download. You can download Punch Hero free from the Google play store.
  • So get ready to download Punch Hero MOD APK and to get unlimited money. Not only money you can get a lot of fun from this.
punch hero unlimited money and gold

Download & Install Punch MOD APK 2023

Follow these simple instructions to install the mod APK file on Android devices.

  • Click here to download.
  • Once the download is complete, open it.
  • You can install apps on Android devices.
  • Follow all instructions there.
  • Activate the app once it has been correctly installed and enjoy all of its wonderful features.

To install Punch Hero MOD APK on your PC. Here’s how.

  • An Android emulator, is required to run any mobile application on a computer.
  • The mod APK must be downloaded from our site after the emulator has been installed.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, click “Import From Windows” or run it to start the installation process.
  • To begin using the program, click the launch button once the installation is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions


Punch Hero MOD APK is currently available on both IOS and Android platforms. It will give you hours of endless boing action that makes you a perfect boxer and you can win against your rivals easily. Playing through mod apk you will have unlimited money and stars so there are more options for you to equip any dress or play in any premium place.


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