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Walk Band is a music studio app - a toolkit of virtual musical instruments for music maker.
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Everyone loves music; many people also enjoy creating music with different instruments. Most people cannot set up their music studio and purchase expensive instruments. Walk Band App offers solutions to all these issues and allows everyone to fulfill their dreams of becoming a musician. The Walk Band Mod Apk VIP Unlocked version provides a complete studio room where you can collect and use all musical instruments to your liking. It features a piano, an online keyboard, a drum kit, a guitar, a multi-track mixer, an MP3 format, and no ads.

walk band mod apk
Walk Band MOD APK

So, download the modified version of Walk Band and get all the pro musical instruments for free. The Walk band has a straightforward interface, so it does not require you to use a high-tech device to use it.

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What Is a Walk Band?

A Walk Band Multitracks Music is a free version of this application that is readily available on the internet. Revontulet Soft Inc releases the walk band app globally. You will also have access to many free features and instruments that you can use anytime. However, you must buy some premium features and instruments in the standard version. Using the standard version of this app is free.

The version also has ads, which will disturb you. So, to resolve all these issues and get all the premium features unlocked, download the Walk Band modded version for Android for free.

How To Use Walk Band App (Tutorial)

If you wish to create your soundtrack through the Walk Band app, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the Walk band application and open it.
  2. Select the “multi-track recording” option and use the “+” button; you can create your song.
  3. Create a name for it and then adjust all the parameters to your preference, such as the BMP file.
  4. The track-making screen allows you to select any instrument you wish to play. You can choose whether to play piano, guitar, or drums.
  5. Set a counter to play after three seconds, or tap on the recording button before playing it.
  6. In the recording mode, when you have finished playing all the instruments, tap the back button to return to the previous screen.
  7. Using the save button, you may save your recording.
  8. Play the track after completing it and practice regularly to develop your ability and skills.

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Top Features

Here are some features of the Walk Band music app that no other music app offers. The following are some of the exciting features of this application:

top eight features of walk band

Create Multi-Track Music

The Walk Band Pro Apk allows you to mix up tracks and create songs by playing instruments. With this app, you can showcase your musical talents and create stunning compositions. You can create studio-quality sounds with this app. Consequently, no one can stop someone with the talent to compose beautiful songs.

Play Piano And Guitars

It is a wonderful app that converts your phone into a piano keyboard. Keyboards that resemble real pianos are available. Pianos come in many types, including piano stars, digital pianos, and many others. Chord names are highlighted on piano keys, making them easier to use. The walk band apk cheat codes also enable you to play electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Further, beat pads, drum kits, and other instruments are available.

Record The Music

Recording music while playing allows you to play it at any time in the future. Make an audio recording of your favorite music clip. As a result, your favorite audiobooks are at your fingertips. In this app, the songs are mixed and converted into songs and videos. Further, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram let you share your videos.

Walk Band Mod Menu

Many premium features are available in Walk Band, but all are payable. As a result, these features are not free to use. Using them requires purchase. A mod version is free for those who do not want to spend money on this application. You will find a free mod menu in the walk band application with all premium features, like piano and guitar instruments, drum pads, and kits.

walk band mod menu

All Instrument Unlocked

There are a variety of musical instruments available within the app. The instruments can range from guitars to drumsticks to pianos and many more. Further, you can experiment with different beats. To use instruments, the Walk Band, all Musical Instruments Unlocked download without paying anything. There are all types of music sounds in the studio. Additionally, you can use Hip-hop, Rock, and Drums.

Export Your Music File

With the app, you can connect other devices like smartphones and MIDIs. Exporting your media files and converting them into MP3 files is possible. The Walk Band Premium Apk Android 1 makes all of this possible. The application is fully optimized; therefore, you can export files anywhere. Various filters allow you to create sound effects and songs from music.

Premium Unlocked

A Walk Band Premium for Android is available for those interested in VIP unlocked. All premium features are available, including no ads, anti-ban, and complete instrumental unlocking. The standard version requires payment, while the mod version is free. With the help of the app, you can become an excellent musician.

No Ads

The standard walk band applications display video and popup ads that disturb you. So, here’s the mod version. In this version, there are no ads. Mods are also free from ads, so you don’t need to pay. Consequently, you won’t have to deal with video ads or small popups ever again. As you know, concentration is the key to making music.

Download and Install

Walk Band – Multitracks Music is one of the few music apps that allow users to create and save multitrack recordings. The app allows you to create stunning recordings with multiple tracks to save and share with others. You can play music as well as listen to it. Further, the walking Band App is free to download for Android, iOS, and PC, so get it now. Users without prior recording experience will easily navigate this app’s premium features. Download the Walk Band Pro fully unlocked if you want free access to this app.

walk band apk download

Walk Band App Review

It is an online studio that offers unlimited musical instruments and projects in one place. It resembles the online studio in terms of heavy and expensive devices. You can access the studio via your smartphone. In addition, this app is lightweight, requires little battery power, and is free to Walk Band all plugins download.

Music & Audio lovers fell in love with this app because of its cutting-edge feature. However, its creation features were also impressive. Overall, the Walk Band Multitracks Music offers an attractive user interface.


Walk Band is a wonderful app for creating music and offering a variety of free instruments. There is no difficulty in learning from it. The best aspect of the app is that if you have a music talent, you can create your song. Guitar, Piano, and Beats Production are among the instruments available. Further, recording, cutting, and combining sound effects allow audio song creation. The user interface is intuitive. So, download the walk band hack and enjoy the app to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Walk Band free and safe?
Yes, Walk Band is a free and safe music app that provides an array of instruments and features.

How to play believer on Walkband?
There are 70 pre-loaded songs in Walk Band that you can try out. Imagine Dragons’ song “A believer” is popular. You can use the guitar or drum pad to play a Believer song. Multi-touch keys allow you to play the piano using either one or two rows of keys. Each instrument is unique.

How do you play music on the Walk Band App?
As soon as you open Walkband, you see all the instruments as buttons, along with a button for Records. To access the instrument, you must press one of the buttons. You can start playing the instrument immediately after pressing one of the buttons.


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