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Get ready for the ultimate American Dad! RPG experience!
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American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK is a very energetic game that grabbed players attention for many days and months. By playing the game you will fall into a fascinating adventure world that will be pleasant moments for you to penetrate your beloved series. There is a character of Stan in the game you have to take that role. And save your family from aliens. You can build shelters, make your army, clone aliens, and also frees your city. Without good humor and great gameplay, a game is not complete this is good to that American dad have both.

american dad apocalypse soon mod apk
American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK

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The app lets you enter a captivating world of adventure, immersing you in your favorite animated series, and giving you the satisfaction of an enjoyable time. You play Stan, who must save his family from extraterrestrial captivity. During the game, you build a refuge, clone aliens, raise an army, and liberate his city. You’ll have a blast!

About American Dad Apocalypse Soon

You must build Stan’s underground base of operations, gather a force of Roger clones, and engage in combat to regain Earth and save Stan’s family.

Obtain the priceless materials you will need to finish your mission by printing, spending Golden Turds, and printing more money in the Smith basement. Build a secure refuge for you and your family. Train and equip your Roger clones with the most powerful weaponry available in America.

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Use all of your equipment, including electric machine guns, plasma revolvers, and homemade raccoon wands, to your advantage. When your army is ready, you can fight America’s enemies, including violent outlaws and followers of the Antichrist!

Top Features

The game was launched. It has more than 5 million installations and an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. However, American Dad Apocalypse Soon has a 7+ years age limit to play but some advanced and officials features require 12 years old age to play.

top four features of american dad apocalypse soon

You need very much money for your great success, which you not enough while playing the regular version. You may have to purchase it with real money but don’t worry we have a modified apk version of American Dad Apocalypse Soon that will give you unlimited money.

Unlimited money will ensure you an easy fight against aliens invaders. With the help of money, you also can establish your army, clones and go to the highest levels.

Tested MOD Version

We guarantee that there is no malware or virus present as the game is completely safe. And also keep in mind may not work on some devices as the continuous updates by developers. We always try to solve these problems to make you hassle-free.

  • Not only providing but also tested the for multiple angles.
  • We have tested the performance of the mod version if there is any issue.
  • Also have tested the app for the safety and security of your device.

Clone Army

Easily you can create an army in the American dad apocalypse soon you not need only a special device from Roger Alien. First, you have to equip a secret base underground and then provide Smith with everything you have and he needs to build an army.

The players in the game have to create support facilities, training, and production facilities to provide resources to defeat invaders from other planets.

Secret Bases

You are responsible to build secret base for your army so your army can stay in it. This base must be  underground as they can make weapons secretly. You also have to maintain this secret bases and smith and your army will be able to fight with evils and defeat them,

american dad apocalypse soon secret bases

Images & Audio

Apocalypse Soon features vibrant colors and characters that match the original cartoon epic. The logo is designed! The colors of the cartoon epic are imitated in the overall graphical style that matches the original series.

Using such a strategy, we can infer that the designers did their utmost to illustrate every aspect of the game. As a result, everything appears extremely colorful and enjoyable in the game. In Android devices, sounds and music enhance the image to create the cartoon’s distinctive mood.

General Features

The following are the general features of American Dad Apocalypse Soon:

This role-playing game introduces a brand-new chapter in Langley Falls, giving you many opportunities to interact with familiar and beloved characters.

  • Through a humorous story and the assistance of a well-known author, you will play an RPG game with a gripping plot.
  • It is a unique role-playing game with excellent customization features that provide players with a lot of customizable options for personalization, army creation, and enemy repulsion.
  • Stan and Roger’s army will be safe if you build your shelter and improve it using a variety of chambers, including the research room and the weapon-making room. This will be thrilling.
  • As you attempt to survive to the bitter end, you can prove your superiority and revel in the post-apocalyptic action in the PvE campaign and PvP arena mode.

Download and Install

Despite every effort, if this is your first time downloading a modded or hacked program from a third party source, you may find the following how-to guide helpful:

  • You can begin the download process by clicking the download APK button.
  • Afterwards, open your file manager and select the program file.
  • Your device may ask you several permissions when you install an APK file for the first time. To allow installation, go to device settings and enable “Allow from this source”.
  • Upon completion of the installation, the game becomes playable!
  • Install our customized version of “American Dad!” before deleting the initial episode, to prevent installation problems.
american dad apocalypse soon gameplay

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Dad Apocalypse soon offline?
There is no offline mode available, according to the official website. Thus, if you wish to play this game offline without ads, download the American Dad Apocalypse Mod version.

How to get more rogers in American dad apocalypse soon?
Keep playing the campaign missions and events, and wait for Rogers to come to your doorstep. Further, upgrade the cloning lab to increase Roger’s population.


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