Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK v2.6 (Unlocked Everything/High Rank)

Climb into the cockpit of your favorite fighter aircraft, get ready to take-off, and soar into the skies brimming with visceral dogfights!
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Are you eagerly anticipating the release of an action-rich jet fighter game? Sky Fighters 3D is a thrilling game in which high-tech airplanes battle against one another in the skies. The mod version of Sky Fighters 3D allows you to enjoy the action-packed shooter and air-racing gameplay to its fullest. Additionally, this game allows you to enjoy fully unlocked gameplay with unlimited planes, money, gems, and free shopping anytime. Hence, download Sky Fighters 3D Mod Apk Latest Version and experience the thrill of flight as you explore the world.

Sky Fighters 3D mod apk
Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK

The aircraft control system allows you to fly your jet models engagingly and realistically. With impressive graphics and an incredible sound system, this game has nothing to envy.

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What Is Sky Fighters 3D?

Sky Fighters 3D is an airplane combat simulation game. Doodle Mobile Limited offers this flying game. There are several jet fighters where learners can learn to fly and gain unique experience in war-themed aircraft. Additionally, it has 48 open battle challenges with excellent graphics and flight control.

There is a great deal of flexibility in the flight characteristics, allowing the player to customize them to their liking. Become a fighter pilot without getting into an aircraft in this game. A straightforward control scheme and great physics. So download Sky Fighters 3D Apk for Android and experience its superb graphics and sound quality.


In Sky Fighters 3D, the gameplay is fairly straightforward, so mastering it should be no more than a couple of minutes. On the right side of the screen, you will find power arrows for adjusting your plane’s speed and buttons for adjusting its direction. The bullet-shaped button activates your light ammunition, and the missile icon launches powerful projectiles.

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Additionally, this fighter plane game has 48 different types of missions. The missions include both air-to-air and air-to-surface combat. Depending on what type of mission you choose, each has specific tasks. There are over ten aircraft with various weapons, including guns and rockets. Further, a variety of operations and challenges are available to you. A team deathmatch requires you to create your squad or join one already existing squad.

The Defend the Base challenge requires you to defend your military base from enemy attacks. Last but not least, if you want to enjoy the sky without any challenges, you can fly on a jet alone. So, get ready to take off with your favorite jet, and follow the Sky Fighters 3D Tips for more fun in this game.

Top Features

Many fantastic features make the fighter jet action game more thrilling and enchanting for users. It is time to explore all the features of this game thoroughly.

top nine features of sky fighters 3d

48 + Missions

The gameplay in Sky Fighters is both extensive and thrilling. There are always new challenges to overcome, so you will never get bored. Further, the game consists of 48 missions, each with different objectives. It includes time trials, dogfights, and a variety of other activities. Moreover, these missions will challenge your patience, tenacity, and flying skills to the fullest extent possible.

Diverse Environments

Various environments are featured in the game, each presenting its challenges. Therefore, you must adapt your flying style according to the situation. The scenery includes snow, deserts, islands, mountains, and more. Night-time flying is also available.


In Sky Fighters 3D, players can customize their weapons and upgrade their planes. Moreover, you can access their paradises to customize and upgrade your plane. Make your planes’ weapons more powerful to improve their defenses. As a result of weapon upgrades, you can access incredible shooter experiences. Take your amazing aircraft models and customize them as you see fit.

Amazing Weapons

Sky Fighters 3D rewards you for completing missions and quests. Further, there are many zones and levels in the given area where you must operate. Aside from planes, you must also deal with warships. Using unlimited diamonds and money, you can get all weapons needed to defeat your foes. Aircraft of various sizes and shapes can also have powerful capabilities on the battlefield.

Sky Fighters 3D Mod Menu

Should you encounter difficulties with one or more missions, assistance is available. The Sky Fighters 3D unlimited everything version contains all the items unlocked. You may change the color of your fighter, learn about your mission, and control the plane easily. Moreover, you can use new aircraft and weapons against your enemies. Your fighter’s upgrades are free.

sky fighters 3d mod menu

All Planes Unlocked

The variety of aircraft in Sky Fighters 3D makes it attractive. The fighter jets are available in ten or more varieties. Download Sky Fighters 3D all planes unlocked version, and have access to all aircraft from the beginning. In the modified version, all aircraft are unlocked and available for use. Various options are available to suit your needs. You may now fly anywhere you wish.

Unlimited Money & Gems

Diamonds fascinate everyone greatly. Getting them for free is a bonus. With diamonds and money, you can purchase and exchange new jets. In addition, you may equip your jets with more cool equipment of your choice. The mod version of the game is required to accomplish this. With the Sky Fighters 3D unlimited money and gems, you have unlimited resources to upgrade aircraft and purchase new ones. Thus, your game will become more hypnotic.

Free Shopping & Unlocked Everything

The original version includes in-app purchases. Gaining an advantage allows you to progress faster. A Sky Fighters 3D cheats the in-app purchase function and gives you a free purchase feature. Further, the Sky Fighters 3D Free Shopping feature lets you buy free all the items that help you improve your gameplay. Due to this, you have unlimited money, no ads, and unlocked gameplay to enjoy whenever you want. Let’s play hassle-free.

Realistic HD Graphics Graphics

A game’s graphics always contribute to its charm. Touch controls and 3D graphics make Sky Fighters 3D for Android a realistic game. Embark on a thrilling and exciting ride across the skies as you pilot your jet fighter. The graphics, physics, and playability are stunning. As a result, optimized graphics make the game playable on many Android devices.

Download and Install

The Sky Fighters 3D game is highly entertaining, with a war theme that makes it very appealing to players. With courage challenges, gamers can conduct combat missions on land, sea, and in the air. In addition, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It keeps you entertained and will never bore you. Hence, if you love playing jet fighter games, download the Sky Fighters 3D Unlocked Everything version and don’t miss this one.

Sky Fighters 3D apk download


The Sky Fighters 3D Cracked is the perfect game for those who enjoy the thrill of fighter jets. You can feel like a fighter pilot without flying in an aircraft. Moreover, it lets you let off steam and have fun. Its gameplay is immersive, with excellent graphics. Enjoy a better gaming experience with Sky Fighters 3D hack for Android. In addition to unlocking all planes, you will have unlimited resources. Have fun playing the game, and download it now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to hack Sky Fighters 3D?
Sky fighters 3D has a hack version already available on our website. If you want one, click on the link above.


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