Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK v7.6 (Unlimited Stars And Energy)

The story is about a genius girl and her worst high school teacher. The Scary Teacher has been threatening kids, giving physical punishment and at times torturing kids.
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The wonderful stimulation game is where horror teacher punishes their students for their deeds. The game revolves around a Scary teacher and students who are not fond of teachers. Moreover, the game also gives the pinch of hide and seeks game where you have to hide in the big house of 15 rooms. If the teacher catches you, then the game will finish. Meanwhile, many tools are available in the game which is used to abuse the teacher. Furthermore, Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk Unlimited Stars And Energy Unlock All Chapters of the game, and you can investigate the crime of the Scary teacher and enjoy many tasks over there.

scary teacher 3d mod apk
Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK

In addition, the game is built in mastermind technology and with great creativity. The graphics, theme, setup, background, and music used in the game have great worth and influence the audience to play the game. Every task and challenge is a thriller and has great fun inside it.

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Scary Teacher 3D

The tactical action game is where the user becomes the student and plays the many pranks inside the game. Moreover, the fight between the evil teacher and student seems particular. The Scary teacher bullied the student, and you need to teach her a lesson out of her devil and save yourself from punishment. Sneak into the teacher’s big house, teach her a lesson, and make many pranks with the teacher, giving a rank to your profile. Moreover, the game has many tools and kits that you can use to prank the teacher. It is totally fun to play the game.

Z and K games are the publishers of this creative and Scary game. A lot of effort and story have been put behind the game. Millions of people love to play the game.


The gameplay is very interesting and funny. The factor of thrill and hilarious is found in it. Firstly, you have to find the house of the Scary teacher and aspects of the different areas and places where the devil teacher lives. However, the game has many Modes and thriller action, and pranks. It will never get you bored because many things are present with great resolution. Many players like the interface of the game. Make plans before roaming in the house of the Scary teacher.

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Furthermore, the complete strategy will make you win the game and never let You catch in the hand of the teacher. Enjoy every scene and script of the game. Moreover, some of the greatest Scary teacher 3D tips involve more pranks and more missions to get the treasure rewards at the end.

Top Features

Scary teacher 3D has many features and tools that are unique and important for playing the game. Moreover, the latest feed tools and gameplay needs features to get more fun and excitement in the game.

top six features of scary teacher 3d

Scary Teacher 3D All Levels Unlocked

The game has many levels, each with challenges and tasks. At the same time, these levels bring many new things and the latest prank for the game. While passing each level, you will get a reward and money. Scary teacher 3D hack brings the Career Mode of the game, where there are many surprise traps for the devil teacher.

Scary Teacher 3D Free Shopping

To plan your pranks, you need many tools and items. Moreover, in the house, there is a whole setup of things that you can use to teach a lesson, give punishment, do pranks, and do other amusing things to the teacher. However, you can freely explore the rooms to complete the game in the challenge. Tracking tools will help you diagnose the teacher’s movement and actions inside the house. So, you can easily keep yourself safe and protected while tracking the movement of the devil by using that tools.

Scary Teacher 3D Unlimited Money And Stars And Energy

Many activities and mysteries rely on the complete game. The magic of the game increase when it delivers a good amount of reward and money in your bank. Meanwhile, daily tasks and work also give the diamond and bonus that are additional to the game. As you know, the game has many levels and Modes full of pranks and teasing of the Scary teacher. You can enjoy the game as much as possible by using the different tools and items available. Money will help you to upgrade all the items, and you can also shop for them.

Different Rooms And Mysteries

The wide game set has more than 15 rooms in the teacher’s house. In addition, this wide range helps you hide in the rooms and freely plan to tease and prank the teacher. Moreover, the Scary teacher 3D unlock chapter has puzzles, challenges, thrilling competitions, pranks, and mysterious things inside them. So enjoy the game with logic and theme.

scary teacher 3d different rooms and mysteries

Unbeatable Characters And Control,

The character in Scary teacher 3D cheats the students. Because the game is a plan between teacher and student concepts with multiple tasks inhaled in it, moreover, you can unlock the charter with their costumes and theme. Besides, it acts like a real game and hide-and-seek mission for students. There are many options given on the screen. You can use them to create a mess in the teacher’s life. Furthermore, the control of the game is very easy and simple.

Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu

Scary teacher 3D cracked Apk has the latest Mod menu with unlimited features. In addition, the Mod version will give you an additional shopping discount and unlock all chapters for you to play. The unbeatable and many Modes are available that are trickiest to play. Meanwhile, many amazing things are also put there. The game’s graphics, theme, visualization, and soundtrack are important.

Download and Install

The downloading process of Scary teacher 3D is very simple because it is found mostly in every game store. Firstly, download the game application and complete the process. Then go to the setting and allows the unknown resources to give access. Finally, install the application in your system and enjoy the game.

scary teacher 3d apk download


The game has great stimulation and a storyline with a plot between teacher and student. It is lovely to see such creative mind games. Moreover, the game consists of many pranks, the scariest things, dumb play, tasks, and many more. However, it looks real, as its interface is an audience favorite. Furthermore, Scary teacher 3D unlimited coins and stars are rewarded after best playing each level and performing the daily tasks. The game lightens the mood and fresh the soul. It is lovely to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Scary Teacher 3D Offline?
Yes, you can play the offline game Mode. Some tools require internet access, but many effects are available in offline Mode. You can freely play and enjoy the game in offline Mode.

Is Scary Teacher 3D Free?
Yes, the game is free. It just needs to download the game and install it on your phone. In addition, it does not require any cost to play and open it. It is available free in-store.

How To Unlock All Chapters In Scary Teacher 3D?
You can unlock the entire chapter in the Mod version. The chapters are very important and enhance the interest of the users. So you can unlock and go to relatable chapters to play it with different tasks and challenges.

How To Get Free Coins In Scary Teacher 3D?
Coins and money are rewarded to the best player. It takes time to complete the level and tasks to get it. So the Mod version gives you much free money and coin, and you can take it and use it on different things. Daily tasks will also reward you with diamonds and coins.


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