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Form your strategies, choose your troops and place them wisely on the battlefield!
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Do you wish to see exhilarating simulated battles, set up troops units, and allocate your battlefields? Let’s play an amazing strategic Epic Battle Simulator 2 game and enjoy all the feelings. It has a detailed environment with multiple heroes, weapons, and upgrades. Additionally, the latest modified version offers unlimited cash, gems, free shopping, a mod menu, and ads-free smooth gameplay. So, download Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk, Latest Version, to enjoy all the pro features and participate in this exciting combat simulator. If you’re interested in more Simulation Games, we also recommend you to familiarize yourself with Bus Simulator Ultimate and Farming Simulator 16.

epic battle simulator 2 mod apk
Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK

Participating in many battles will make you feel like you are participating in the conflict. Furthermore, the realistic sound in this game makes it an unforgettable experience.

What Is Epic Battle Simulator 2?

The Epic Battle Simulator 2 is a highly popular tactical game featuring over one million warriors. Playing this sequel is worth your time. Unlike the first installment, the second installment has more levels, troops, weapons, and graphics. It is another excellent sequel from Rappid Studios, with 10 million + downloads. The game requires a strong army and strategic deployment to win battles.

Aside from that, you can compete on many levels and improve your skills. The game also offers in-app purchases, so you will have to pay to unlock additional characters. Alternatively, free download Epic Battle Simulator 2 Cracked Apk to enjoy all levels with free resources.

Gameplay Guide

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is an updated version that improves both the graphics and the scale. Download Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 to play. To start playing, launch the game and select “Campaign” or “Sandbox” mode. A series of battles will guide you through the story in Campaign mode. Sandbox mode allows you to customize battle settings and units.

Select the units and give them orders to move, attack, and defend. Also, you can adjust the camera angle and zoom. Additionally, you can adjust some settings and options to fit your needs. As you play, you will earn gold that opens up new units. Further, you must construct certain buildings to unlock certain units.

Multiplayer mode is also available with friends or random players. Gameplay is not beginner-friendly and demands a lot of skill. So, go through the tutorials and the sandbox mode before stepping into campaign mode.

Tips And Tricks

First time commanding an army? Take a look at our tips and tricks for putting your troops in the best location and what to avoid.

  1. Knowing your units’ weak points is crucial before you use them in battle. It is also useful to understand their strengths.
  2. When you are unfamiliar with military tactics, it is advisable to follow the game’s best-established formations.

Top Features

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game has many features that make it one of the best. So, take a quick look at its important and useful features.

top eight features of epic battle simulator 2

Realistic Ragdoll Physics

It incorporates ragdoll physics for realistic battle scenes. In appearance and behavior, the characters and objects mimic real-life models. Moreover, the physics engine accurately simulates the physics of the real world.

Unlimited Tropes & Weapons

Epic Battle Simulator 2 features a strong troop and weapon system. Your army relies on weapons to support its operations. You can equip your soldiers in four ways: Cavalry, Epic, Special, and Melee. Furthermore, you’ll need powerful troops to expand your empire. It’s a good thing this game has unlimited supplies. As a result, upgrading your army is much easier.

Detailed Environment

The game does not feature 3D graphics, but the environment is very detailed. It shows minute details, such as grass blades and leaves on trees, enhancing realism. In addition, the lighting and shadows are excellent.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Menu

A mod menu allows you to access the epic battle simulator 2 unlimited gems and diamonds, all characters, free shopping, and multiplier mode. Using all characters is easy, and you won’t spend much time unlocking them. Further, with the multiplayer mode, you can invite your friends and enjoy ragdoll effects.

Unlock All Characters

The game features several characters with unique abilities. It includes musketeers, shields, knights, archers, gladiators, and other interesting units. Each unit has its specific features and price. You only have access to a few when you start the game. In contrast, Epic Battle Simulator 2 unlock all characters and allows you to use them in battle.

Unlimited Money & Gems

In Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, money and gems are used to upgrade units and buildings. Gems and money are earned for completing challenges and defeating enemy units. Using these resources, you can customize and improve your army, helping it to defeat its opponents. However, the Epic Battle Simulator 2 Cheats Version gives you unlimited money, so you can keep playing it and enjoy it.

epic battle simulator 2 unlimited money and gems

Free Shopping

Throughout the game, you will have to spend money on equipment for your army as you progress. However, the Epic Battle Simulator 2 hack will permit you to do so for free. You can unlock combat units, upgrade your troops, and lead thousands of troops to victory with money. Make use of free shopping to acquire the weapons and items you need.


It is possible to experience irritation when playing the game due to its ads. Due to this, Epic Battle Simulator 2 unlimited troops and money will remove all ads, enabling you to enjoy the game fully. Additionally, all features, along with many others, are available for free. Get the latest version now.

Download and Install

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is an incredibly absurd and insane battle simulator strategy game. It keeps you hooked for hours with its beautiful graphics and physics. Further, several fierce battle scenes await you in this game. The game is available on Android, Windows, and iOS. So, download Epic Battle Simulator 2 unlimited money and gems version and test your strategic skills.

epic battle simulator 2 apk download

Bottom Line

Epic Battle Simulator 2 free shopping is an excellent game mod you’ll enjoy. It boasts flawless graphics, precise controls, and a catchy soundtrack that excites you to play it. The level of realism in this game amazes me, as it brings to mind the feeling of commanding an army. Do you wish to join your comrades in battle? Get Epic Battle Simulator 2 and devise your battle strategy to win!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Epic Battle Simulator free?
Epic Battle Simulator is not a free game because it includes in-app purchases. However, you can download it free from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

How to get infinite gems in Epic Battle Simulator 2?
The only way to obtain gems is to buy them with real money or earn them in-game. If you wish to obtain infinite gems, please download the modified version of Epic Battle Simulator 2.

How to you unlock Epic Characters in Epic Battle Simulator 2?
Epic Battle Simulator 2 unlimited troops unlock when you have enough character points. Play battles and complete achievements to earn character points. Using character points unlocks epic characters in the character menu. Additionally, the in-game store may also offer some epic characters.


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