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The goal of Prison Escape is to escape from an American prison. Although the concept of illegally saving prisoners is not new, the developers of Words Mobile diluted the familiar concept with unexpected elements.
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Watching the movie is for fun but playing the prison escape is more sweaty than that. You will experience the thrill playing prison escape mod apk and Feel real action moments every second you play. Moreover, You can’t change your dress when you are in prison even if you can’t change your weapon at this time. You have to fight bear handed or some handmade weapons like a knife. And the final reason I think is, it is not a simple fighting game but a psychological fight. However, the developer has made a game that has ideological struggles and made the unique story behind the gameplay.

prison escape mod apk
Prison Escape Mod APK

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These games only require you to wear prisoner’s clothes and fight with your hands or makeshift weapons. Another argument could be that this isn’t just a straightforward fight, but also a psychological one that requires careful planning and anticipation of potential threats. This type of game is impossible for a game developer to create, and it isn’t appealing to everyone.

Background Story Of Prison Escape

The game’s story is based on “prison escape boss”.  In the game you will a prisoner who will facing the death penalty in a fake case. You have very short time to plan an escape. The character of the game is a good citizen but unfortunately, he got arrested in a plan by some bad guys. He was sent to prison, he is so angry about this injustice and decided to fight against it and plan an escape.

You as a player will have to control him and help him find ways to escape safely from the prison. Help prove him innocent to society. Make friends with other prisoners and ask for help. Or fight and defeat some negative gangs to get respect in prison or go underground, dig a tunnel and wait for the best time to escape from it. Prove that you are smart enough to plan and implement the escape plane.

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Keep in mind you have to bypass the guards while digging the tunnels. Can call for help from other prisons. You can easily break the door lock by using of weapon in hand. Fight with other gangs. Anyway, you have to escape as soon as possible.

Escape and Find Justice

World Mobile Developed many action-adventure games and Prison Escape is one of them. The main reason is to meet the user requirements and finally make a profit. You will play a role of a citizen who unfortunately pushed to prison due to a conspiracy.

He needs to escape from it and ask for help from other prisons. Fight with other gangsters and feel their respect. Finally, escape from prison and find justice.


A majority of Prison Escape’s major scenes take place in third person action-packed fights. Hand-to-hand combat is the main event, followed by stealth attacks, and you’ll use homemade, crude weapons to defend and attack (such as knives, sticks, batons, etc.).

prison escape gameplay

It is very salient that the main character meddles even though he is a prisoner. The game shows that he has a lot of work to do. He criticises those who mistreat prisoners or oppose violent prison guards.

As soon as he decides to actually get out of the confinement, he will be able to learn many things. Those details will be useful for making his escape, such as sprinting through a line of guards to avoid their gaze, or skulk into a shadowy corner to avoid their gaze.

This man’s prison break scheme consists of a single action that logically relates to the other. The seamless transition between tasks is what amazes me. I never feel uncomfortable or confused because everything always seems to make sense. This is all part of his prison escape plan.

Throughout the game, you will engage with the people and setting constantly. For example, you might kill bullies in prison to gain the respect and assistance of your fellow inmates or covertly build a tunnel to escape jail.

Top Features

The following features are available:

top four features of prison escape
  • A 3D prison world in which you can move, explore, and fight
  • ACTION-PACKED MISSIONS will keep you busy for hours
  • In survival mode, you can perform amazing stunts using ragdoll effects
  • The controls are intuitive, so you can play the way you want

Download and Install

The first one is:
You can download Prison Escape mod from Apkestate.

  • The option “Unknown Sources” must be enabled.
  • The Prison Escape APK can be downloaded by clicking the link.
  • The file should be saved in the Downloads folder of your device.
  • The installation process will now begin. Click Install and wait for it to complete.
  • Start playing the game as soon as it is finished.

The second one is:
The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading for Android:

  • The only official website is Open your browser and download the APK file.
  • Open Android Settings and select Privacy or Security.
  • Enable Allow Unknown Sources by tapping the option.
  • You can then download the APK file by going to your Android downloads folder and tapping it.
  • Install it by following the instructions on the screen.
prison escape unlimited money and diamond

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to escape prison in Mexico?
Yes, escaping prison is legal, as the desire for freedom is a fundamental human right. According to Mexican Law, it’s not punishable.

How to get coins in prison escape?
There are different ways to get coins, such as completing levels, and quests, selling items, daily login bonuses, and in-app purchases. On the other hand, Prison Escape modded version gives you unlimited coins without any effort.

Is Prison Escape an offline game?
Yes, it is an awesome action adventure game available in offline mode. Consequently, to play this game, you don’t need to have an active internet connection. Moreover, you can play at any place at any time.


The goal of Prison Escape is to escape from an American prison. Although the concept of illegally saving prisoners is not new, the developers of Words Mobile diluted the familiar concept with unexpected elements. After supplying weapons for bloody clashes with guards, the hero is allowed to pump over, gaining unexpected abilities like breaking doors.

This is Prison Escape’s strength: the story is told through dialogue, notes, and detailed diary notes. By doing so, you will be able to figure out the prisoner’s fate and the events that led to his imprisonment.


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