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Simple Planes is a unique way to spend time mainly with your loved ones, simulating various aircraft.
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Gather parts to build the body of your airplane. You have to design the wings, place engines to thrust, and then sit on the pilot’s seat and enjoy the journey to fly. Download Simpleplanes APK for free and this apk will fulfill all your expectations that you imagined. In the event that a minor condition occurs during your flight, you can adjust the settings, remember to remember to take it back to the factory for repair. Not only can these aircraft alter you on-the-fly from a perspective and operation perspective, but they can also make the flight more enjoyable, after all, real aircraft also have a variety of functions.

simpleplanes apk
Simpleplanes APK

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The game has a wealth of detail, but if your device does not run smoothly, you can also adjust the display in your settings. You can also change the perspective and mode of operation, so you can design your own private planes. Not only can the late players build flying ships, aircraft cars, spacecraft, and metal dragons, but it’s not the monotonous kind of aircraft that aircraft enthusiast, cheer. The game allows players to design their own aircraft, and then fly them for fun.

About Simpleplanes

Fans of flying machines should not miss games like SimplePlanes, which bring back aeroplane assembly and give players a sense of success. Because the game recreates the entire process of an aeroplane from assembly to takeoff, players should not miss it.

Even though the game is a basic plane game, it is still challenging for beginners, and even though the official tutorial isn’t very complete, you want to get off the plane to explore more that should, or the plane explodes in mid-air into millions of fragments, which makes you feel depressed.

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While these aircraft can change you on the fly, you may adjust the settings if you experience any problems with your flight. Make sure to return the aircraft to the factory for repairs if there is a problem. Make the flight more enjoyable from a perspective and operating standpoint; after all, a genuine aircraft can do a wide range of tasks.  While the game offers a lot of information, you can also change the display options if your device has trouble running it.

With the game, you are able to customize the viewpoint and mode of operation of your aircraft, which allows you to design your own aircraft. The game’s enjoyment These late gamers can create flying vehicles, spacecraft, flying cars, and metal dragons, but this is not the same old boring aircraft that aircraft Oh, applaud the aviation lovers. The game allows players to design and pilot their own aircraft to experience the thrill of flying.

Top Features

There are plenty of exciting features in SimplePlanes that will make you feel like you’re a pilot, such as breathtaking landscapes, Next-Gen aircraft, simple controls, dynamic flight models, and many more. To help you decide if this enhanced edition is right for you, I have highlighted a few SimplePlanes features below.

top eight features of simpleplanes

Design Airplane

All tools are present that you need to build an airplane. Build anything of your plane according to yourself. You can change the shape of your wings using a flexible wing tool.

Move to the next generation and make fighters, civilian aircraft, and many more. Some players have made trains, space stations, and even dragons using the tools given in the game.

Paint You Airplane

There are pre-designed themes or you also can paint your bird as you want by painting every part accordingly. You also can share your favorite style with your friends.

Share Airplanes

There is a cross-platform airplane sharing platform available and you no need to pay for in-app purchases to get access to airplanes. People have shared their airplanes and that all are available on the official site of simple planes. You can use them no matter they are made on the same or different platforms.

Testing Mode

Go through a sandbox system and test your airplane if it has any issues. Try with a sample take-off and landing. Live it when it is restriction-free and can fight. You can perform multiple tests like single-engine, or fly off, etc.

Fight Mode – Dynamic

Every small change will impact an airplane’s simulation fight and its fly power. The fight model consists of weight distribution, lift, thrust, and go through all the parameters before getting it live.


Parts will be damaging in real-time when things will hit airplanes. The damaging may be due to some stress flying. If you are skilled you can fly with damaged wings. The fun will not be stopped, keep lear and continue the fun.

Controlling Options

There will e controller support for you in simple planes. It allows joysticks or USB gamepads, not only this but in-game mapping for every single control. There are multiple controls available like brakes, cameras, throttle, etc.

Face Challenges

Without challenges a game is incomplete, SimplePlanes has also some challenges that will entertain you. Your aircraft can face challenges like dodge missile surface to air, racing, and many more. You have to notice the performance of your airplane and keep it updated and make it able to face that challenge.

simpleplanes graphics mod

Download and Install

The first one is:
From download SimplePlanes – Flight Simulato mod.

  • Ensure that “Unknown Sources” is enabled.
  • To download SimplePlanes – Flight Simulato click the link above.
  • The file should be saved in the Downloads folder on your device.
  • The installation will now begin. Tap Install and wait for it to complete.
  • After the game is installed, open it and start playing immediately.

The second one is:
You can download on Android by following these steps:

  • Start your browser and download.
  • Navigate to Privacy or Security in Android Settings.
  • Make sure Unknown Sources is enabled by tapping the option.
  • You can now access the file by going to your Android downloads and tapping it.
  • The installation process will be guided by the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is simple planes multiplayer?
There is no multiplayer option in Simple Planes. It allows players to fly, build, complete missions, and do other activities in a single-player game. The game includes a feature called “Share,” which allows users to share their creations. So, it becomes “multiplayer” after others download and fly those aircraft.

Is simple planes free?
Yes! You can free download and play this simulator game on any Android device.

How to refuel in simple planes?
When you land at an airport, you can open the “Refuel” menu to refuel your aircraft. Afterward, select the fuel type and tap the “Refuel” button to begin refueling.


Simple Planes is a unique way to spend time mainly with your loved ones, simulating various aircraft. Simple Planes is a brand name that presents new opportunities to players.

There are a lot of different levels in this game, and when you complete one of them, you will unlock another class. You can play it alone or with your friends to enjoy it more. If you want to play alone, you can also play Simpleplanes single-player and multiplayer game without any other players.


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