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Download Plague Inc Mod APK with all pro features unlocked and unlimited DNA. Latest version to complete latest tasks.
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Miniclip developers have created many interesting things in plague inc simulation gameplay. This game has more than 100M active installations from the play store. In this game you have to spread the disease to the world, it just sounds like we have to do bad things for the world but this is the story.

However, hopefully, you are thinking that it’s not a big task to spread germs in the world. Before you do that you must have a clear and strong strategy. You only succeed when you have all things organized well. In plague mod apk you can master the pandemics terrible that threaten on earth.

Disease Outbreak Plague

In front f you as a player you don’t have any ordinary challenges. You only have to face artificial intelligence so you will not act on anyone’s emotions. As well as the game has HD graphics that make its interface look Gorgios. Keep in mind in this game you are acting as a dangerous agent that makes the whole world worry. As the scientific and AI system is developing and changing day by day so you can face many hurdles and can fail in your mission. But you have to try failing every system.

Start With The Viral Infection

The game is very simple to play but it can take you more time to master each thing. Things you have to master are some obstacles, evolution experience and many more methods to infect. There are a lot of methods you can develop your virus but in the game, you only have the goal to destroy the population in the game. The earth map is using in the game as a battlefield for players, you can track your performance and even can slow or fast the research.

You can name your virus as you want, no matter is a dangerous name or funny. In addition, players can upgrade to a massive system, where their virus can perform better and improves its infectivity. In the game, you have to fight with the whole world constantly.

Start Campaign from any Country

You can spread viruses anywhere you want but to infect faster you have to choose a specific location. There is no more extra step to choose a location. Players can choose any location but the interface in the game, you just have to select the location. You will get a real-time e approach to know the countries infected how much. Players have access to realistic physics mechanics as terrain or climate etc. The illness will be spread gradually to neighbour areas. You even control the direction of spread.

Evolutionary System for Virus

In plague inc you can spread any single pathogen individually, and also evolve them into the upgrading system. You have to make your virus more resistant to environment, so infection can be speed up. When you upgrade the system your virus will be more powerful and can be spread through more mediums such as air, water, many more. But players need to have some points to upgrade, as your virus can be spread in the infected regions. You will receive more evolution points as you infect more area.

Logs and Solutions

Monitor News and search for solutions. In plague inc, you will have an update about the disease through the bulletin and check the disease level. Players can see the continuously updated news regarding the disease, and the solutions or recommendations to save the world. You will see a red marked box in which you will have only the important news regarding infection and you can use this information to formulate the next plan.

Restrict Research Institute

In the game there is the only enemy of your is research institutes all over the world, because they are researching continuously to destroy your virus. No worry, by tapping on blue bubbles in the map you can stop their research. You can also evolve your virus to stop their research and can destroy their institute. Players also can track the curing people by using the interface of the game. When an institute complete the full research people will curing continuously. Keep in mind in this game is your target to infect maximum people, if all the people are cured of disease you will fail in your mission. So this is also your part of your campaign to destroy the research of institutes.

Different Modes

You have to control a virus in an unknown region, this is the main mode of the plague inc. Control the virus and make it more dangerous and brutal so more people can be infected. Timely game is introducing the new modes of game-like demons, zombies and alien invasion etc.

Each mode of plague inc have separate gameplay and you will see a different diversity in every mode. You can also control more different viruses and pathogens.

This game will challenge and test your creativity to control viruses and to destroying the population. In addition with people are being awarded the viruses and they also fighting back, they try to stop the process of players. To beat them you must have paid features in your version of the game but don’t worry if you can’t pay for it this mod apk of plague inc is for just download and develop the most dangerous pathogens.

Mod Features

Unlimited DNA

In mod apk of plague inc you will get unlimited DNA to complete your unlimited tasks.

Unlocked All

Unlocked all the methods to infect any location. You can infect faster with mod apk of plague inc. In original version player himself have to unlock these methods by playing game more and more. But in this version you will get all methods unlocked.

What's new

Can you save the world? Take control and stop a deadly global pandemic. Allocate resources to boost testing capacity, make facemasks compulsory, lock down countries or develop a vaccine in Plague Inc.'s biggest expansion ever!
Created with the help of health experts from all over the world including the WHO, CEPI and GOARN, The Cure is an engaging and timely simulation of a global disease response.
It will be free for all Plague Inc. players until COVID-19 is under control.


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