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Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk Free shopping is a game that allows players to play their favorite songs on the piano.
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Do you wish to learn piano in a fun and interactive manner? If this sounds appealing, consider playing Magic Piano Tiles 2. It is a rhythm game that lets you play some of the biggest hits on the piano keyboard of your device. Moreover, you’ll receive instructions, a music sheet, and a summary of your progress. So, download Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk Unlimited Everything with unlock all song to enjoy a new level of gameplay with many improvements over the original. If you’re interested in more Arcade Games, we also recommend you to familiarize yourself with Alien Shooter MOD APK and Payback 2 MOD APK.

piano tiles 2 mod apk
Piano Tiles 2 MOD APK

The modded version unlocks all levels and songs and gives you unlimited money, gems, and a free shopping feature. Further, you can also play it offline and online with friends to challenge them.

What Is Piano Tiles 2?

Piano Tiles 2 is a popular game among Android users and piano enthusiasts. Playing Piano Tiles 2 is the same as playing Piano Tiles 1. The Wo Teams developed this amazing Magic Music game for Android and iOS devices. There are approximately 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It features an intuitive interface, excellent graphics, gorgeous sound effects, and popular songs.

Moreover, Piano Tiles 2 has a cheerful and harmonious design with a stunning color scheme. The tiles play a melody when you type on them. More than 200+ piano songs are available in the game. Playing music is also possible as you create a playlist. Since it is a standard game version, in-app purchases are also available. Those who wish to play Piano Tiles 2 without in-app purchases should download the modified version.

Gameplay Guide

Piano Tiles 2 is a rhythm game in which the player taps piano tiles to keep time with the music. The goal is to tap only the black tiles and avoid tapping the white tiles. The gameplay is simple. A player must tap only the black tiles to gain points. Every time a tile is tapped, the player’s score increases by one. As the player progresses through the song, the tiles move faster.

You can also collect bombs and multipliers as a bonus. Also, multiple game modes are available, such as Classic and Arcade modes. It involves completing a set number of songs before your lives run out.
Amazing Piano Tiles 2 Tips

Here are some tips

  1. If you wish to tap the tiles accurately and quickly, keep your fingers close to the screen.
  2. Keep your attention on the music rather than getting caught up in it. Pay close attention to the tiles and their origins.
  3. Become familiar with the tile patterns. It helps you play more efficiently if you memorize certain patterns of tiles.
  4. Maintain a consistent playing speed. If you’re doing well, play fast, but if you’re having trouble, play slower.
  5. Improve your skills and precision with practice.
  6. Train your fingers to anticipate the patterns of upcoming tiles.
  7. Keep your concentration on the tiles, and do not get distracted while playing.
  8. It is important to use the appropriate finger when playing. Using only one finger will result in fatigue very quickly. Utilize both hands following their intended function.
  9. Practicing and focusing will improve your score and ability to play harder songs.

Top Features

There are several interactive features in the game to connect with friends. The following features will help you maximize your enjoyment of the game.

top eight features of piano tiles 2

200+ Classic Songs

The game’s library includes many classic music tracks and the most famous modern songs. Some songs require a purchase or a certain level of achievement to unlock them. So, listen to the most famous songs from the artists, such as Last Christmas, Happy New Year, and Romance.

All Levels & Songs Unlocked

You can unlock various levels and songs with the purchase as the game progresses. However, if you want to unlock all levels and songs without purchasing them, download Piano Tiles 2 all levels and songs unlocked. There are no restrictions on playing the levels and unlocking all songs.

Unlimited Revive

The unlimited revive feature in this game allows players to continue playing a level even after losing. In the original version, it is available for purchase or through advertisements. With the Piano Tiles 2 unlimited revive, you can enjoy this fantastic feature for free. Players can use this feature to improve their score or beat a level for the first time.

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Menu

The mod menu of Piano Tiles 2 cheats gives players unlimited money, ge4ms, all songs, levels, and free shopping features. Therefore, no real money is needed to get a smooth music-playing experience without ads. Download the Piano Tiles 2 hack version and start playing fun piano music.

Unlimited Money & Diamonds

In Piano Tiles 2, money and Diamond are in-game currencies used to purchase items and features. A player earns money through gameplay and challenges, but gems are obtained through in-app purchases. In contrast, Piano Tiles 2 Unlimited Lives and Money allows you to get them for free. Consequently, you can freely get new songs, power-ups, and tiles with skins with money and gems.

piano tiles 2 unlimited money and diamonds

Unlimited Lives & Free Shopping

A Piano Tiles 2 Apk Mod gives players unlimited lives, allowing them to continue playing despite mistakes. Thus, they do not have to wait for their lives to refill. Further, with “Free Shopping,” players can obtain in-game items without using real money or game currency. Piano Tiles 2 Cracked Apk offers these features at no charge, unlike the game’s original version.

VIP Unlocked

The piano Tiles 2 Modded version gives the “VIP Unlocked” feature. It contains all song and game modes, premium content, and no advertisements free of payment. As a result, there are no restrictions on using all features and content.

High-quality Audio & 3D Design

The graphics in Piano Tiles 2 are beautiful and colorful. It will captivate you after one play. With its amazing music, this game gives you stress relief and is visually appealing. Piano Tiles 2 Game features over 10 thousand world-famous songs.

Download and Install

The piano tiles 2 game is an addictive and skill-testing game. The game has a pleasing design that provides enough challenges for players to enjoy. Additionally, it will keep you entertained for hours with satisfying rewards and achievements. In Piano Tiles 2, you can play music both online and offline. Further, over 10 million people worldwide have downloaded this game on Android, iOS, and PC. So, consider Piano Tiles 2 VIP Unlocked to challenge and entertain yourself.

piano tiles 2 apk download


Piano Tiles 2 Free shopping is a game that allows players to play their favorite songs on the piano. It’s all about moving your fingers toward the black keys. Conversely, do not click on the white keys. Additionally, you can move between levels and explore the music library. You also get unlimited lives, VIP unlocks, and an enhanced interface. Hence, you should download Piano Tiles 2 mod gameplay that is free from advertisements and unlocks all the levels and songs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Piano Tiles 2 free?
Yes, Piano Tiles 2 is a mobile game available for free. You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play Store. The game includes in-app purchases for additional songs and power-ups.

How to unlock river flows in you piano Tiles 2?
Players can access River Flows in You once they reach a certain level or purchase it from the game’s store. Each version of the game requires a different level to unlock the song. Aside from that, accumulating enough game currency will unlock it.

How to unlock all songs in Piano Tiles 2?
Piano Tiles 2 offers several ways to unlock songs. Getting higher levels in the game unlocks new songs. You can also buy songs with real money or with in-game currency. Certain songs are only available during special events, like holiday-themed songs. However, downloading the Piano Tiles 2 Modded Apk game version unlocks all songs for free.


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