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Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms attack. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies.
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Have you ever wanted to play a space shooter where you fight against the enemy’s fleet in a fierce and enjoyable battle? If so, you will find Galaxy Attack unexpectedly entertaining on mobile devices. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter pits players against waves of alien enemies in a shoot-em-up. The game provides 160+ levels, an infinite spaceship, weapons, guns, a multiplayer mode, ships, crystals, stones, etc. So, download Alien Shooter Mod Apk Latest Version, and enjoy unlimited money, gems, crystals, and stones, protecting Earth from alien invasions. If you’re interested in more Arcade Games, we also recommend you to familiarize yourself with Payback 2 and Subway Surfers.

alien shooter mod apk

Due to the game’s compelling and addictive gameplay, its controls are easy to use and understand. So, feel free to engage in endless shooter challenges with your lone spaceship as you defend our planet against alien invasion.

What Is Alien Shooter?

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is the most intense and thrilling game full of Alien ships. Onesoft Studio, released in 2017, developed it. Players worldwide have rated the game positively on Android and iOS devices. It’s an arcade-style game where players control a spaceship and shoot aliens. There are multiple levels, each with a boss, and completing these levels can earn rewards. The game involves moving the spaceship left and right and shooting enemies.

Further, various power-ups increase the firepower of players and unlock new spaceships. The Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game launches in a basic regular version. Downloading this game doesn’t cost anything, but it has paid premium items. Therefore, to obtain access to these items, you must purchase them. The game interrupts you with small video ads. On the other hand, if you download Alien Shooter Hack Apk, you do not need to spend money to unlock items. So, get it now from the above download link.

Gameplay Guide

The game begins with the player selecting a level, difficulty, and power-ups. As a result, the spaceship will automatically launch a hail of bullets at the aliens. As the player, you must drag at the bottom of the screen to change the ship’s position and aim for the enemies.

alien shooter gameplay

Some can only withstand one or two hits, while tankers have greater vitality. They can serve as a shield against attackers behind them. Consequently, you must also pay attention to the enemies’ rockets that can harm your ship in addition to performing offensive tasks. The key to winning the game is to dodge them carefully and find opportunities to strike back.

Tips And Tricks

Below are some useful tips and tricks for efficiently playing Alien Shooter. Consequently, let’s examine each item in detail.

  • Alien Shooter features aliens with different strengths, weaknesses, and attack patterns. Understand these distinct characteristics so you can formulate effective strategies.
  • Choosing the right weapon for each encounter is crucial. So, try different firearm types, including assault rifles, shotguns, and rocket launchers, to find your favorite.
  • In the game, power-ups offer temporary advantages throughout the environment. Make use of these valuable boosts to gain an advantage.
  • You can upgrade your character’s attributes as you progress in the game. Thus, use these points to bolster health, damage output, and accuracy.

Top Features

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter all ships unlocked, offering various other exciting features and benefits. The following are some of the most popular and their distinctive features:

top ten features of alien shooter

Lots Of Guns & Weapons

Many guns, equipment, and other weapons are available for your preparation. Moreover, upgrading them to improve damage, potency, etc., is very easy. The challenging levels are hard to enjoy. So, your duty as a hero is to prepare for the war, as you are responsible for protecting the universe.

Fast Level Up

There are over 160 levels in Alien Shooter in which you can fight aliens. However, you must unlock each individually, as they are locked at the start. Additionally, these levels are a means for ending the game; you can complete them. It will get harder as time goes on, so improve your skills.

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter’s Fast Level Up mod, players advance through levels faster. A quick leveling system opens up new ships and power-ups. Therefore, it helps players make rapid progress.

Enjoy Multiplayer Mode

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter crack Apk lets you play the game with friends and colleagues in multiplayer mode. Having your friends and companions around will make this game more fun and exciting and increase the fun level. While playing this game alone, you may get bored, but playing it with friends will keep you entertained.

Unlimited Crystals & Stones

You will need unlimited crystals, stones, and other resources to become the ultimate alien hunter. The Alien Shooter Unlimited Crystals and Stones Modified Apk does away with the limits on crystals and stones. These resources will allow you to upgrade your weapons, unlock special skills and powers, and customize your character.

Unlimited Health

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Unlimited Money and Gems also features a God Mode that allows players to become invincible. The mod lets players fly through levels and defeat enemies without getting damaged. So, those who have difficulty completing difficult levels in the game will benefit from Alien Shooter Unlimited Money and Health Mod.

Alien Shooter Mod Menu

An alien shooter game’s mod menu can offer a variety of features that can enhance its gameplay. The features include unlimited money, gems, crystals, stones, skins, weapons, powers, health, etc. There is no charge for using these features. Simply click on the item you want to use and pick it up in your bucket to make it available for quick use.

alien shooter mod menu

All Bosses & Ships Unlocked

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, all bosses, and ships are unlocked. As a result, it allows players to access all the content without the difficulty of unlocking them. Those who do not want to spend hours unlocking bosses and ships find this mod useful. However, the regular version of the game requires you to pay money or pass levels to unlock these items.

Unlimited Money & Gems

Money and Gems is a popular premium feature for Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Compared to the basic version of this game, the Alien Shooter free shopping Mod gives you unlimited money and gems. Players can purchase power-ups, new spaceships, and other items in the game using unlimited money and gems. As a result of the unlimited resource system, players will never run out of resources during gameplay.

Unlimited Everything & Free Shopping

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter offers paid premium resources, so you must spend money to unlock these resources. In contrast, with the version, you do not need to spend money on anything since everything in it is free. There is no cost associated with any of the premium features. In addition, the Alien Shooter Unlimited Everything version will provide full access to free shopping. So you can shop as much as you want and increase your satisfaction without worrying about money.


Alien Shooter’s standard version displays incredibly annoying advertisements while playing. In contrast, the cracked version is ad-free and does not require you to watch video ads or pop-ups. It is a complete game without advertisements. Therefore, people prefer the modded version of this game. Therefore, you should download this game and play it uninterrupted.

Download and Install

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, the controls and gameplay remain intuitive and familiar. It is worth mentioning that image improvement sets this game apart from others. The game has various design styles, contributing to its attractive and sharp details. Moreover, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter’s harmonious color scheme and lively sound system also contributed to its success. As a whole, this game offers a very enjoyable experience. Thus, download Alien Shooter Crack Apk now and get thrilling entertainment.

alien shooter apk download

Bottom Line

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is an excellent game for your Android device. Adventures abound in this game. You will find it addictive and wish to play it in your spare time. Further, there is no need for any additional storage space since the game is very light in weight. Downloading this application is free of charge. Further, the gameplay is thrilling and rip-roaring thanks to its detailed graphics and Hi-Tech sound effects. Hence, instantly download the Alien Shooter Cheats version from the above download link and enjoy your favorite game free of pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter free?
Yes, it is a free game you can download and play, along with in-app purchases. So, to fully immerse in its gameplay, you need to pay.

How to get a pilot in Alien Shooter?
There is no need to get a pilot; you are the one who controls the spaceship and fires at the enemies. Your role as a hero pilot is to defend the universe and yourself against enemy attacks.

How to get unlimited money, gems, and cards in Alien Shooter?
Download Alien Shooter Mod Apk Unlimited Everything to obtain unlimited money, gems, and cards. It provides you with free access to all premium currencies.

How to unlock skins in Alien Shooter?
You’ll need to complete certain objectives or meet certain conditions to unlock skins for your Alien Shooter character. Skins are usually unlocked as you progress through the game’s levels or complete specific missions. So, to unlock new skins, keep playing.


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