Extra Lives MOD APK v1.150.64 (Unlimited Health/Everything)

See how long you can survive in a world full of brainless zombies and heartless humans!
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Extra Lives is the best game application that acts on fighting with zombies for survival. Moreover, it has a radiant and survival strategy to fight and kill all the zombies to save your world from the war of zombies. You will find many tools and opinions for a zombie death match in every game Mode. Furthermore, Extra Lives Mod Apk Unlimited Everything gives you free gadgets to fight against many zombie leaders. In the action game, users apply different tricks to bombard bombs on zombies to win Mode. Unlimited money will update and upgrade the Extra Lives in each Mode. Dive into dangerous zones and put full energy into clearing every obstacle with your tools and weapons.

extra lives mod apk

In addition, the funky animations, combat characters, cool graphics, and amazing soundplay will enhance the worth of the game. Millions of people love the graphics and strategy of the unique game and would love to download it.

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Extra Lives

Extra Lives is an action and fighting game to save yourself and the world from dangerous creatures of zombies. The game acquires a hero who saves the world from being injected with the harmful virus by zombies. Various locations, multiple tools, and survival deathmatches make the gameplay. You will fight against other clans to rule over the world. Step into the fighting field, check each border, and clear all zombies from the world. In addition, the tasks, adventures, and barriers are very hard to cover, but it makes your hero a more vulnerable and skilled fighter. Use different tools and gradients for surviving with Extra Lives.

MDickie has published the best game of Extra Lives with great features. People of action and fighting lovers love the theme and strategy of the game and start playing it.

Gameplay And Guide

The gameplay of Extra Lives is cherishing and attractive for action and fighting. Meanwhile, 8 warring groups and more than 200 characters are displayed in each Mode. On a simple level, you will have to restore your area and use your beliefs and techniques to save the world. In addition, you will choose the number of zombies you will kill during the session. After exploration, you will get mega tasks and more challenges to complete. Keep yourself in the safest zone and find the objects that will help kill the dangerous creatures. After every fight, you will receive money, gems, and diamonds. Animation and better physics enhance your interest in the game.

extra lives gameplay

Tips And Tricks

Extra Lives is a globally played game. Here are some tips and tricks of the game.

  • First, avoid big fights when you don’t have many tools and weapons and your gross rate is zero. Always avoid fights when two creatures come nearby.
  • Explore the map to check out the location of allies. It will help for better fighting.
  • Get different food sources and other items by upgrading the game’s theme. Know your factions before fighting.

Top Features

Extra Lives has unlimited features and functions to understand the game better. Here are some features of the game.

Survive Eating Generation

You must fight with notorious culture in the game to save your life. In addition, zombies inject the virus into earthly people to spread their creature world widely. Furthermore, Extra Lives cheats unlock every source to kill the zombies easily. Combat with different groups to complete killing missions. The main task is to survive as much time as you can.

Diverse Factions And Locations

Many factions in th game are against each other in the city. Meanwhile, they will help to defeat the zombies while applying different strategies. Furthermore, Extra Lives VIP unlocked different locations to roam secretly for missions. Keep your each step with narrative means to kill zombies. Freshness in the background keeps you motivated to kill zombies.

Unlocked 200 Characters

Extra Lives offers more than 200 characters to play well in groups to kill zombies. Meanwhile, keep in mind the characteristics and similarities with zombies. Furthermore, Extra Lives hacked unlocks the customization of characters and their power boosters. Feel free to dive into the game and make it more interesting and fun. Unlock plenty of gameplay and interesting features.

extra lives unlocked 200 characters

Multiple Modes Of Game

Users will get many Modes to enjoy and play in the game. Feel free to join them to get experience. Play the survival Mode to fight against enemies to wipe them all simply. Furthermore, Extra Lives unlimited health and ammo help to survive well in death math Modes. Survive in the endless math of deathmatch zombies. Editor Mod will let you customize the game levels. In addition, you will be free to add and remove elements.

Extra Lives Mod Menu

Extra Lives Cracked has an unlimited Mod menu and unlimited features. Meanwhile, you can play the game without any interruptions of ads. However, get the best theme, customized background, and graphics to attract the focus to the game. Extra Lives unlimited points unlock new Modes and levels for free. The game provides you with enjoyment and more fun.

Download and Install

The downloading process of Extra Lives is very easy and simple. Search for the latest version of the application and start downloading it. Then allows unknown resources to give access to the game application. Finally, install the application and enjoy it.

extra life apk download


Extra Lives is the best multiple-character game to fight and kill zombies. Meanwhile, it has different locations and factions to combat the best players. Furthermore, the Extra Lives unlimited health and ammo lets you stay longer in the game Mode. Play the death match with different challenges and barriers to cross the levels. However, each step has a different strategy and needs skill to cross. Use different tools, weapons, and gadgets to win the title. Enjoy the game with more fun and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Get Powers In Extra Lives?
You can get powers in Extra Lives after approaching higher levels. Meanwhile, collect the power during the match and win it after completing the missions and tasks.

How Do You Cure Zombies In Extra Lives?
The best way to cure zombies in Extra Lives is by using potions meanwhile, through potion towards zombies which help them. Otherwise, inject medical syringes into them to cure them.

How Do I Turn Back To A Human In Extra Lives?
Combining anything with a diamond is easy by pressing the buttons of P and R, and you will get the unique potion. Meanwhile, you can break it down by reversing the P button and turning it back in humans.


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