World Conqueror 3 MOD APK v1.8.0 (Unlimited Medals Latest)

War is about to begin.Most powerful legions are waiting for an excellent commander! Lead your army to conquer the world and gain huge military achievements !
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There is one more surprising war strategy game from easy tech publishers. World Conqueror 3 MOD APK game has made on the idea of world war 2, not an only war of two people but the nations. You will get the mod apk of World Conqueror 3. With a graphic style that brings players back to the era of warfare, World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy will help you become a real commander. To conquer the world, you must build an army under the leadership of a real leader. Through high-tactical and strategic gameplay, the player must transform a weak army into a powerful army ready for fierce and dramatic battles.

world conqueror 3 mod apk
World Conqueror 3 MOD APK

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The number of games depicting World War II keeps growing despite the fact that the conflict ended about 80 years ago. In addition to numerous well-known video games, this topic also inspired themes such as “Call of Duty: World War II.” In my opinion, strategic gameplay and stunning graphics are two of the reasons why war games are so popular.


In the game, command your units on the map front. Everything from methods, tactics, general commanders and battle control takes place in flat areas of the map. It is not strange with those players playing classic strategy games but somewhat for those who played only new modern strategy games.

In the game, you will give authority to the commander for the military or a platoon. Or heavier rank depending upon the levels of the game. But even you are a commander or a general your main task is to arrange intelligently, distribute subcommands and move your unit to reach your enemies faster, and finally win battles.

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Obviously watched the historical movie the game of thrones. Before the battle, some scenes on a flat map where army groups stand with the arrows and showing the movement paths of every wing. There is the same scene in the game.

Companions, enemies, and many other arrows show on the map to identify your friend’s countries and enemies. Your game is just touching and dragging your unit to the enemy’s area to attack or defend. Every army unit will move in different directions. By the touch and dragging your unit you will be able to arrange them accordingly.

world conqueror 3 gameplay

Different Maps

It is most important because the developments take place on the map. The game also has two maps one is flat and the second is a topographic map. Discussed below. This map is used for conqueror world mode. It is used to see the correlation of militaries, the distribution of the army.

Also used to see the place of interest of the nation the battle and most important thing for this map will tell you the commander-general of the area. These information are extremely important for you to win the war.

This map is used for both modes. By seeing the colors and shapes of the map you can judge the progress of each battle. You also can observe the direction of your enemy where he is going, predict the enemy strategy from this you will be able to guide your unit for your better progress.

Forces & Commands Of World Conqueror 3

The next very important option and feature of the game is the rank system of the generals which can change the whole climax of the game. In-game almost every country has at least 1 highly respected and trained general. You can find a way to negotiate this general to your side.

Are you thinking about those who are under the command of his? All countries have 4 main military forces in the game these are Infantry, Artillery, Armored, and Marine. Each army depends upon the situation of war then depends on the leadership of the general. These 4 forces have the following characteristics:


This force has an offensive and medium defense system but has fast movement.


This force is super strong in attacking, movement is medium but the defense system is weak.


This team has Super defense, better attack, and good movement. But have a lot of time and money to get it in your forces.


This has good attack, defense, and movement. It will defend from group and with weapons in hand. But this type of army is unpredictable and also unknown. After defeating each enemy have to unlock several items, new levels, and weapons for your forces.

Top Features

A real-time game, World Conqueror3 has a lot of different wars to choose from. Throughout history, these have been the most famous wars on a large scale. These include WWII, the cold war, and the modern war. Among the 150 countries and 200 famous generals you will have the choice to choose from, you will be able to take part in battles with 180 pre-set military units and 35 exceptional army skills.

top two features of world conqueror 3

As you progress through the game, you will encounter 12 extremely advanced technologies, including the most advanced weapons in the world. These world wonders will contribute greatly to the player’s campaigns and victories.

Unlimited medals

In the original version, you will get only a limited number of medals and then you have to give any time or have to get a premium version but in this, you will be able to get unlimited medals that you deserve.

Graphics and Sound

This game has impressed me very much as a strategy game. If you are not addicted to these types of games you can’t understand the love behind this.  The game has not too many confusing graphics, but detailed. Detail is the completion of the game in visual graphics.

The map will help players to spy on enemies and to making the strategy. Other visual graphics like weapons, military upgrades, and appearances are much sharper. And create excitement in players while playing the game. The level of music in the game is very special. Its music surprised me in conqueror mode, you will hear melodious music that grateful for an epic.

world conqueror 3 unlimited resources mod apk

Install and Download

First, we have:
You can download World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy mod.

  • The option “Unknown Sources” needs to be enabled.
  • You can download World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy APK by clicking on the link above.
  • You will need to save the file in the Downloads folder on your device.
  • Once the installation is complete, tap on Install.
  • Once it is done, open the game and start playing right away.

The second is:
Follow these steps to download for Android:

  • The only official website. Open your browser and download the
  • File from there.
  • Open Android Settings and select Privacy or Security.
  • Enable the option to Allow Unknown Sources.
  • You can download the APK file by going to your Android downloads and selecting it.
  • Install it by following the instructions on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is World conqueror 3 multiplayer?
No, officially, there is no multiplayer mode present in this game. But if you want to play this interesting strategic game with friends, download the World conqueror 3 modified version.

How to get medals in world conqueror 3?
While playing this awesome strategic game, you can get unlimited medals with the completion of domination tasks, conquest levels, or wonder milestones. However, if you want to get shiny medals without doing anything, download the World conqueror 3 mod version.

How to level up in world conqueror 3?
There are different ways to quickly level up in the game, such as completing missions, quests, domination tasks, etc. Further, building and upgrading institutes also help you to level up fast.


You might have already been convinced of the popularity of World Conquer 3, since it is not limited to one theme only. You will find this application quite diverse compared to other ear games and you will surely enjoy it. There is no doubt that World War II is one of the best strategy games. The fan base for “World Conqueror 3” is growing because of its captivating plot and appealing aesthetics. It involves clever thinking, which makes it a great way to unwind after a long day.


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