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World Conqueror 3 mod apk with unlimited medal and everything having no irritating ads after each war enjoy exclusive gameplay.
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There is one more surprising war strategy game from easy tech publishers. This game has made on the idea of world war 2, not an only war of two people but the nations. You will get the mod apk of World Conqueror 3.

The gameplay of World Conqueror 3

In the game, command your units on the map front. Everything from methods, tactics, general commanders and battle control takes place in flat areas of the map. It is not strange with those players playing classic strategy games but somewhat for those who played only new modern strategy games.

In the game, you will give authority to the commander for the military or a platoon. Or heavier rank depending upon the levels of the game. But even you are a commander or a general your main task is to arrange intelligently, distribute subcommands and move your unit to reach your enemies faster, and finally win battles.

Obviously watched the historical movie the game of thrones. Before the battle, some scenes on a flat map where army groups stand with the arrows and showing the movement paths of every wing. There is the same scene in the game.

Companions, enemies, and many other arrows show on the map to identify your friend’s countries and enemies. Your game is just touching and dragging your unit to the enemy’s area to attack or defend. Every army unit will move in different directions. By the touch and dragging your unit you will be able to arrange them accordingly.

Modes And Maps


Just Like world conqueror 4 mod apk it also has 2 modes of war.

Conquer world
This mode is most popular in the game. You have to choose a country to command and fight with others. Your victory is when you defeat the whole world in world war. Yes, defeat the whole world not only one country.

Military career mode
This mode is simple than first and also local not for the world. You will experience the battle experience in world war 2. If you want, you can experience and play the role of each side also in each perspective.


It is most important because the developments take place on the map. The game also has two maps one is flat and the second is a topographic map. Discussed below.

Flat Map

This map is used for conqueror world mode. It is used to see the correlation of militaries, the distribution of the army. Also used to see the place of interest of the nation the battle and most important thing for this map will tell you the commander-general of the area. These informations are extremely important for you to win the war.

Topographic Map

This map is used for both modes. By seeing the colors and shapes of the map you can judge the progress of each battle. You also can observe the direction of your enemy where he is going, predict the enemy strategy from this you will be able to guide your unit for your better progress.

Forces and commands

The next very important option and feature of the game is the rank system of the generals which can change the whole climax of the game.

In-game almost every country has at least 1 highly respected and trained general. You can find a way to negotiate this general to your side.

Are you thinking about those who are under the command of his? All countries have 4 main military forces in the game these are Infantry, Artillery, Armored, and Marine. Each army depends upon the situation of war then depends on the leadership of the general. These 4 forces have the following characteristics:


This force has an offensive and medium defense system but has fast movement.


This force is super strong in attacking, movement is medium but the defense system is weak.


This team has Super defense, better attack, and good movement. But have a lot of time and money to get it in your forces.


This has good attack, defense, and movement. It will defend from marines group and with weapons in hand. But this type of army is unpredictable and also unknown.

After defeating each enemy have to unlock several items, new levels, and weapons for your forces.

Mod Features

Unlimited medals

In the original version, you will get only a limited number of medals and then you have to give any time or have to get a premium version but in this mod apk, you will be able to get unlimited medals that you deserve.

Graphics and Sound

This game has impressed me very much as a strategy game. If you are not addicted to these types of games you can’t understand the love behind this. 

The game has not too many confusing graphics, but detailed. Detail is the completion of the game in visual graphics.

The map will help players to spy on enemies and to making the strategy. Other visual graphics like weapons, military upgrades, and appearances are much sharper. And create excitement in players while playing the game.

The level of music in the game is very special. Its music surprised me in conqueror mode, you will hear melodious music that grateful for an epic.

What's new

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