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Entrance in the nature at the start point of life as a association. Find those secrets that could help in your win against your enemies. You have to make are create unity in your officers for the win over your opponents and build a vast army for the safe and sound living style and lead your galaxy. Download and Play the latest version of Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK Unlimited Everything. Find more and more natures or earth, research for better life style and buildup new hometown. Explore the nature and hunt those places those which are not visited by other one before you.

star trek fleet command mod apk
Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK

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There, you can travel through several galaxies and discover the universe’s untold mysteries. Defeating your adversaries would be easier if you built your own battleships resembling the Enterprise, the Klingon Bird of Prey, and the Romulan Warbird is the creator of this game, which works on all platforms, where players can explore strange planets, individual desires, life, and civilizations.


There is a starbase who have a chief which is you and that is your responsibility to engage or enlist and unite your commanders. You have to buildup excellent boots and all association wants to make government on this place.

This game is a addicting because when you enter in a nature which is so beautiful and you have to fight with enemies for the control on it.

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Be Ready To Or Prepare Yourself

In this section, we will discuss the following points:

  • Expertise mega war in a massive, aggressive and progressive universe.
  • Gather, built pr manufacture, and enhance archetypal boots.
  • Engage glorious personalities in a vast, milky way-traverse storyline.
  • Facilitates residents, take action or start battle against sea robbers and sea rovers, or debate for harmony in most of particular goals or assignments.
  • Raise or produce prominent commanders with excellent, diplomatic expertise and qualities.
  • Face disharmony in battles and head your Starfleet to brilliance.
  • You have to attach with association.
  • Battle is near to begin or starting.
  • Takeover on opponent city or hometown and ready for advanced world structure.
  • Actually we have to play as an opponent or with so many players like that could be more then hundreds or thousands.
  • Rebuild, update, & defense in your star ground.
  • Win against attackers or competitors in vast battles and clash.
  • Find out new tech for up gradation of ships and assets.
  • As a head of your armada you have to rebuilt world or earth.

Key Options

In this section, we will discuss the following points:

  • A clear nature or earth,
  • Planned or policy massively multiplayer online (MMO) game
  • Free on cell phone for playing the game
  • Brilliant computer graphics or visuals
  • Role, boats and technologies (tech.)
  • Ferocious and passionate wars with athletes from whole earth
  • Unity is more important for this game and leadership abilities can help you in wining these game rumors
  • Options for the different voices or languages are available.

Top Features

Several intricate strategies and missions are included in the game. You can play the game on your Android device. A number of awards have been given to Star Trek Fleet Command mod apk for its captivating gameplay, graphics, and storyline, which all complement each other perfectly.

top thirteen features of star trek fleet command

You can collect resources from planets to improve your ship’s warp drive. For example, you can collect fuel from the earth to boost your ship’s speed.

Features are following:

  • Open whole Prime qualities or appearance.
  • No limit or limitless of chips gold or coinage.
  • All things are available in free of cost.
  • Stages all are Unsecured.
  • Boost your production and defenses by researching top-level technologies.
  • Space stations will increase your ability to colonize distant worlds.
  • Through Facebook Connect or direct IP connections, form alliances with friends to play cooperatively or competitively.
  • Build an all-encompassing space empire to unlock achievements.
  • Using holding shift, you can move multiple fleets together at once.
  • Whenever a fleet is grouped with a main fleet, it follows it automatically.
  • By grouping fleets, they can merge into larger ones.

Star Trek Fleet Command Ads Free

When you are playing games and your enemy stands in front of you and you are near to kill him but unfortunately ads come and destroy your whole game. Ads are the main issue during playing games and this game has no ads that are a very good feature if this game.

Unlimited Money Germanty

Some games are very superb but one issue face to everyone is that when you are going to purchase some feature. Those are new but your money limitation create problem for you but this game is have this beautiful face which is that you can buy or purchase any thing at any time with no limitation.

star trek fleet command unlimited money germanty

Download and Install

Follow these steps:

  • Installation of Star trek fleet command is not too difficult but it is very simple.
  • Open Google play store.
  • Search on bar fleet command latium apk.
  • Download it and wait for the downloaded file.
  • After download install this application in your mobile phone.
  • It is for android cell phones
  • Pursue all the guidance and disciplines.
  • Open and began playing without any fear.
star trek fleet command gameplay

Frequently Asked Questions

Is star trek fleet command safe and free?
Yes, you can download and play this game for free. It does not contain any inappropriate or racy content. So, without any worries, quickly download it on your Android device.

How to get dilithium in star trek fleet command?
Officially, Dilithium is earned through in-game activities (PvP and PvE daily Assignments, spotlighted missions, events, qualified Foundry missions, etc.). However, the cracked version of this game grants you unlimited dilithium ore for no additional cost.

How to unlock traits in star trek fleet command?
A Trait XP is earned through daily goals, assignments, and bundles in the official version. However, Star Trek Fleet Command cheats unlock traits automatically.


On your android device, you can play Star Trek Fleet Command apk. It is a strategy game that provides the fun of all Star Trek franchises. The game offers many types of weapons that you can choose from, and you can use them according to your needs.

There are many types of enemies that you must battle in order to complete all the missions. Various strategies and upgrades must be used to complete all missions.


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