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Get ready to navigate through a wild and wacky world in Going Balls - the addictive rolling ball platformer! With over 200 million downloads, this game is a must-try for anyone who loves a good challenge.
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A gamer always looks for something new to keep himself entertained and distracted from boredom. Are you an expert on racing and balls? If so, then you need to play Going Balls right now! Going Balls is an enjoyable game in which you roll a metal ball on a track and overcome obstacles. It provides a realistic and engaging experience that simulates the real-life bowling experience. Hence, for unlimited entertainment, instead of going too far to find a rolling ball game, Download Going Balls Mod Apk Unlimited Money with Free Shopping.

going balls mod apk

It gives unlimited money, levels, unlocked balls, online and offline availability, free shopping, and an ads-free, user-friendly interface. Also, it has impressive graphics and intuitive gameplay, making it a great choice for novices and experienced gamers. So, join the global leaderboard and compete with other players worldwide.

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What Is The Going Balls?

“Going Balls” is a new roller ball game designed for Android devices that provides plenty of fun and challenge. Supersonic Studios LTD developed this free video game on Google Play Store. The game aims to roll the ball, collect as many coins as possible, and guide the ball to its destination. As a result, you will face many hurdles and challenges during gameplay. Having to overcome these difficulties or hurdles makes the game challenging and enjoyable.

It has intuitive controls; simply swipe left or right to move balls. Furthermore, different ball ranges are available, so pick one that fits your needs. With its amazing visual and audio effects, the game offers players a better experience. The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as possible. Further, you have a limited number of balls, so if you run out, you lose. Ads are also prevalent in the game, which annoys players. Thus, downloading Going Balls All Unlocked is the only way to eliminate them and unlock premium features for free.

How To Play (Gameplay Guide)

The game may appear complicated at first glance. Upon closer examination, Going Balls is a fun and simple game in which you must use only one hand. All you need to do is swipe the ball forward and sideways to move! You do not need two hands to play this fun racing game! To make the most of it, follow these steps:

going balls gameplay
  • To begin, swipe up on the ball.
  • After that, you can swipe sideways to grab items or avoid obstacles
  • There is no need to accelerate as the ball will roll downhill or jump as needed
  • You can proceed to the next level as soon as you finish.

As you can see, the game requires a minimal number of controls. Therefore, It is possible to play the game anytime and anywhere!

Tips And Tricks

Going Balls may appear casual, but it offers numerous challenges that can make it challenging on several occasions. The combination of speed and precision requires your attention, so we have compiled a list of tips to assist you:

  • Keep an eye on the balls and pay attention to their direction. As soon as they slip off the screen, they pop, and you will fail the level.
  • When you drive too fast, you are more likely to lose control. Don’t speed up the balls; they are hard enough when moving slowly.
  • It’s fun to challenge yourself on epic levels. You don’t lose a life as you play – you can go as many times as you want.
  • You’ll find portals between each level that will take you to the Go Balls bonus stages. The more ones you enter, the better the rewards you’ll receive, even if it cuts into the flow.
  • To collect all the coins in Going Balls, you should take your time and not go at full speed. Some are on the main path, while others invite you to deviate. You will find them very useful if you catch them all.

Top Features

Going Balls is an interactive, simple game where you can play your favorite game without problems. The gameplay is challenging and smooth. Take a look at the article below for some interesting features of the game.

top eight features of going balls

Unlimited Balls

There are several fun balls that you can unlock to make this game more enjoyable. It includes power balls, soccer balls, lollipops, watermelons, skulls, basketballs, and more. Additionally, there are footballs, bombs, chests, pots of gold, and hamburgers as balls. All in all, these silly balls are fun to play and enjoy to the fullest! Nevertheless, you can only unlock them with a large number of coins. Play a lot of levels and collect coins on race tracks for the best results.

Multiple Exciting Levels

Just like other casual game platforms, Going Balls has many levels. It begins with the easiest level, which poses minimal obstacles and provides many rewards. Each level can last anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds or more, depending on the level. Throughout this area, you will encounter various platforms that descend to allow you to accelerate. After crossing the finish line, you will receive some rewards. On the other hand, in the mod version of Going Balls, all levels are unlocked free of cost to give you a more enjoyable experience.

Awesome Customization

In this game, you can play through as many levels as you like until you unlock everything. In Going Balls, customization is a key feature. You can personalize your bowling ball with different designs, patterns, and colors. Players can select from several bowling alleys, each with a different difficulty level.

Diverse Gameplay Modes

The game has three modes of play: single-player, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer. A single-player mode allows players to practice their bowling skills against a computer-controlled opponent. Players can challenge their friends locally or online against other players worldwide.

Going Balls Mod Menu

Playing Going Balls Crack is an addictive game for all ages. The latest Mod menu for this game provides unlimited money, diamonds, free shopping, and unlocks all balls. Moreover, it has several other features that make it one of the best mod menus for Android. Teleportation is a game feature that allows you to travel instantly to any point on the map. So, quickly download the Going Balls Cheat version and choose your favorite ball.

Unlimited Money

The Going Balls Modded Apk is an exhilarating and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours. Throughout the Going Balls, unlimited money is available to upgrade and buy new balls. Additionally, several achievements are available for collection. Players greatly appreciate this feature because it is the best in the game. Regardless of what you do, you can do it however you want. So, get unlimited coins and unlock the levels.

All Balls Unlocked

A variety of balls are available for players to utilize in the game. Each ball is unique in terms of its shape and color. The modified version of the game has all items unlocked, so you do not need to collect coins to access them. There are no hidden balls in Going Balls because all of the balls are unlocked from the beginning. Therefore, you don’t need to unlock any content to play. So, choose your favorite ball and have fun playing Going Balls All Balls Unlocked. No waiting for content to unlock makes this an excellent choice.

going balls all balls unlocked

Free Shopping & No Ads

Free Shopping is a free mod that gives you access to all the game’s features. Thus, buying and unlocking any game feature does not require much time. You can also achieve your goal with power-ups and bonuses. Although this game’s basic version is free, there are some advertisements. In most games, ads are intrusive.

You get double rewards at every level with these video ads. If you want to remove all advertising permanently, you can download the Going Balls Hack Apk. It will enhance your enjoyment of the game and make it more enjoyable for you.

Download and Install

Are you looking for an entertaining and challenging game for your smartphone? You’ll love Going Balls Modified Apk! There are several exciting levels with obstacles and rewards in this app. In addition, the app is available for iOS, PC, and Android. The Going Balls Unlimited Balls version is an entertaining platform game with endless levels and thrilling challenges. You can also share the game with friends so they can join in the fun.

Are you ready? Play Going Balls and challenge yourself. The game is available for free download to enjoy the addictive gameplay, stunning 3D graphics, and endless levels for free.

going balls apk download

Bottom Line

Going Balls is a game that will take you on an exciting and challenging journey that will take you on all kinds of adventures. It is a great and exciting gaming experience for all ages. The game includes a variety of ball models, game locations, and levels to explore. Anyone who enjoys ball games will enjoy the game’s improved features, advanced graphics, and user-friendly controls. Going Balls Premium will take you on a fun and exciting journey of excitement and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to hack Going Balls?
You can download a hacked version of Going Balls for Android on our website. As a result, you can download the Going Balls Hacked Apk for Android free of charge. Consequently, money is not a barrier.

How to jump in Going Balls?
There are different types of jumps throughout the game, such as sky ball jumps, fastball jumps, and high-speed jumps. Simply slide your finger across the screen to jump or balance the color ball. Maintain a 3D movement on tracks to jump obstacles. To Play Sky Ball Jump – Going Ball 3D game on your computer using your keyboard and mouse. For mobile phones and tablets, simply use your finger.

Is it Going Balls free?
The rolling ball platformer Going Balls is free and available online. You may play online using your browser on your PC, mobile device, or tablet.


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